Should I Put Salt In Coffee? 5 Things You Should Know

We all know you can put sugar, milk, or cream into your coffee in order to improve its taste. But have you ever heard of people that put salt in their coffee?

The first question that may pop out in your head is if it’s gonna make your coffee salty. Well, salt actually makes your coffee taste better. It neutralizes the natural bitterness of coffee and has lots of health benefits that you’ll enjoy.

Read on to learn more about putting salt in coffee!

Why Should You Put Salt In Your Coffee?

Putting salt to your coffee may sound like it’s a new trend to coffee people, but it actually isn’t. This has been a long tradition to countries like Northern Scandinavia, Hungary, Siberia, and Turkey. So, the question is what’s with the salt that can make your coffee taste better?

We will be sharing 5 reasons why it is a good thing to put salt in your coffee. 

1. Salt Can Neutralize The Bitterness Of Your Coffee

The sodium content of salt prohibits your taste buds from tasting bitterness. Thus, salt neutralizes the bitterness of your coffee. It doesn’t only neutralize the bitter taste of coffee, but also its acidity.

Moreover, some people even put salt in the brewing process of their coffee grounds. They add a pinch of salt in their coffee grounds before brewing it, while some add a small portion of salt to brewed coffee that has unbalanced flavors. Just remember to not overly put salt in every cup, just those that need balancing adjustments.

2. Salt Improves Stale Water Quality

Ever experienced having stale coffee when you left it long in the coffee machine? Well, it’s kind of frustrating. But did you know that adding salt to your coffee can still improve its quality?

Aside from this, salt increases density among liquids. And as your coffee gets denser, it will get a thicker texture that you’ll enjoy. So, if you ever have problems with the consistency of your coffee, adding salt can be a good option for you.

3. It Highlights The Natural Coffee Flavor

Drinking coffee is based on your own preference. Some people love to drink their coffee as bitter as possible, while some want it with sweetness. If you love a coffee that highlights the fruity, natural flavors of coffee grounds, then adding salt can give you satisfaction.

We can relate this to the fact that salt improves the flavor of lemonades. Well, it has the same flavor-enhancing effect on coffee. Just remember that different kinds of salt have different enhancing effects, so studying them is an important factor to achieve the taste you really want.

Remember that salt suppresses the bitterness of the coffee, thus enhancing and highlighting the fruity taste of coffee grounds. Now, the amount of salt to improve the flavor of your coffee is experimental at first. You want to try and try until you achieve the exact taste of your coffee. And once your perfect coffee and salt formula, then you can perfectly enjoy it every time you want to drink.

4. It Is A Good Replacement For Sugar

If you are limiting your intake of sugar, then adding salt is a perfect alternative. Who knows, you might even like it better. Not to mention, salt has a lot of health benefits and it is a natural flavor enhancer, so you won’t be disappointed. 

5. Salt Has Lots Of Health Benefits

As I’ve mentioned above, coffee has a remarkable set of health benefits because it naturally contains lots of antioxidants. Aside from this, drinking coffee is a good source of potassium and magnesium. Drinking coffee can also help you avoid dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Plus, it has stimulating effects that can keep you alert and energized for a longer time.

But imagine all of these health benefits being countered by the sweetness and calorie contents of sugar, syrup, or cream that you normally put in your coffee!

That’s why salt is a huge help to people who love coffee but are also conscious of their health. Aside from this, salt lowers the acid level of coffee. Acid reflux is one of the major problems coffee lovers face because of its high acid content. So, if you’re one of these people, your burping days may be over.

How Much Salt Should You Put In Your Coffee?

Basically, the amount of salt depends on how you prefer it. It is basically trial and error first until you find the perfect blend according to your taste. There’s no perfect formula for your coffee but how you like it.

But of course, you have to be guided by some reminders. Putting lots of salt can cause different ailments and illnesses. But we are talking about really quite a lot of salt here for you to get sick, so the probability is really low. Just try to put salt moderately to ensure that drinking your coffee is safe and healthy.

Professionals advised coffee lovers to add a quarter teaspoon of kosher salt to every 6 teaspoons of ground coffee. This is a perfect measurement to reduce acidity and improve the natural flavor and sweetness of your coffee. And of course, the amount of salt depends on the kind of salt you’re putting in as they have different levels of saltiness.

How To Add Salt In Your Coffee

Now that we know that salt enhances your coffee experience, the next question is how to put it? Is it before or after the brewing process? Well, coffee experts say that you can add the salt either way.

You can add it together with the coffee grounds before placing it in your coffee machine. Or, you can sprinkle a pinch after the coffee has been brewed. What most coffee lovers will tell you is that you rule your coffee, so it’s basically just how you want to add it.

Should You Ditch Sugar And Milk?

Well, using salt in your coffee does not mean ditching your sugar and milk for your coffee. You can put salt alone, or together with other additives, or no salt at all. Drinking coffee is basically a personal thing, so drink what you believe is the best.

However, if you have conditions that limit your sugar or milk content, adding salt can be a better option for you. On the other hand, if you are trying to limit your sodium content and you are sensitive to sodium, then salt is not really recommended for you. 

What Is The Healthiest Thing To Put In Your Coffee?

Dark cocoa powder is the best additive you can give your cup of coffee. Cocoa powder comes from the cacao fruit that contains lots of health benefits, including heart and brain nutrients.

How about baking soda? A recent study in Copenhagen University tested the effects of baking soda among respondents. A batch of respondents drank coffee with baking soda, while another batch drank coffee with a placebo. The results of the study showed that those that drank coffee with baking soda had a 25% increase in their performance.

You Should Definitely Add Salt To Your Coffee

This might come as big news to you, but yes, salt improves the overall taste of coffee. It can literally neutralize and reduce the bitterness of coffee. Aside from this, salt can reduce the acidity of your coffee and can highlight the natural fruity flavor of the coffee grounds.

Adding salt might be a bold and new adventure for your coffee experience that is definitely worth trying.

One interesting fact for the end – there will be no bad effects when you put your coffee with salt in the fridge! Read our article to learn more about keeping your coffee in the fridge.