Are Cold Brew Coffee Beans Roasted? All You Need To Know!

Yes, Cold Brew Coffee Beans are roasted but not like other coffees. You probably are wondering what the difference is. Well, the difference is that they’re roasted at a low temperature than other coffee beans.

It depends on your taste, whether you choose light, medium, or dark roasted beans to make Cold Brew Coffee. Cold Brew Coffee is made of ground beans and steeped coarsely in water for twelve hours (you can steep them for 2-24 hours). You’ll get a smooth flavor and bursting cold brew coffee, which tastes more earthy and chocolaty; the coffee beans should be lightly roasted.

Some questions pop up in your mind about Cold Brew Coffee beans, and you get confused. So we are providing you some information about these subtly flavored beans.

Let’s clear your confusion!

Do you need Special Coffee Beans for Cold Brew?

No, you don’t need any unique Coffee beans for Cold Brew Coffee because it’s made by steeping the ground beans coarsely in water for a limited period.

The director of the café experience “Michael Phillips” at Blue Bottle Coffee said: “The type of coffee bean you use for your cold brew is entirely dependent on your taste” (Source: Self). Consider it the beauty of cold brew that does not need any particular variety of coffee beans. You can stick with your taste.

Everyone has their favorite taste in cold brew coffee. Some people choose lightly roasted coffee beans, and some select medium roasted coffee beans to make cold brew coffee. But the fact is that the best cold brew coffee is made by extracting dark roasted coffee beans since it gives a great earthy flavor and aroma.

If you want to have the best Cold Brew you can get, consider these tips: use coarse beans and always start with coarsely ground beans. If you think that your coffee does not have the exact flavor you want, gradually work your way down to a better crush. Do this until you arrive at the flavor profile you appreciate.

It’s healthy to drink cold brew coffee. After all, it contains compounds that may reduce the risks of heart diseases.

These compounds include:
– Caffeine
– Phenolic compounds
– Magnesium
– Trigonelline
– Quinides
– Lignans

Are Cold Brew Coffee Beans different?

No, Cold Brew coffee beans are not different. Still, it just has a different method of brewing; unlike other coffee, cold brew coffee is made without any usage of heat at all because the ground coffee beans are steeped into the water (cold-filtered) for a specific time. This method of brewing cold brew coffee extracts the flavor of all the coffee beans, and it makes it smooth and flavor-bursting cold brew.

You wake up in the morning and need an energy booster, full of taste that pleases your taste buds. So it is totally up to you which coffee beans you choose or like to make Cold Brew Coffee. Everyone has their own choice of taste or likings.

Cold Brew Coffee beans are not different; they are just roasted differently. It is your choice whether you choose light roasted, medium roasted, or dark roasted coffee beans to make cold brew coffee.

However, cold brew coffee has more caffeine than regular coffee because of its brewing, making it stronger than regular coffee. Suppose you extend the grind’s coarseness and extend the brewing time so you can extract the better flavor. On the other hand, iced coffee is made with regular coffee, which has been cooled first and then poured on the ice cubes.

The taste of cold brew coffee is more earthy and chocolatey. It gets easy on the stomach because its acidity is way less than regular traditional coffee acidity. Cold brewing minimizes the bitterness and maximizes the smoothness.

What Coffee beans does Starbucks use for Cold Brew?

There are different types of coffee beans that Starbucks uses for making a variety of coffee. Still, when it comes to making cold brew coffee, Starbucks never compromises. Starbucks always uses Arabica beans from Africa and Latin America because they taste and flavor when extracted and brewed entirely. However, Starbucks never revealed the exact blend.

Starbucks said about their choice of coffee beans for a cold brew, “We buy more coffee from this region than any other because of its consistent taste and quality. Latin American coffees are the foundation of many of our most beloved blends”.

The taste, quality, and smoothness of cold brew coffee by Starbucks are great and authentic. Therefore they use medium roasted coffee beans to extract the addictive and quality flavor. They even steep the beans coarsely in water for a more extended period than others, almost 20 hours.

You ever wonder why Starbucks coffee tastes like heaven.

It’s because it uses high-quality Arabica coffee that promises to bless you with a slightly sweet flavor, with a touch of caramel, chocolate, and nuts. It also has a slight acidity and a little bitterness.

The main reason why Starbucks uses the Arabica beans in their cold brew coffee is that these beans have vitamins in them like Vitamin E. That reduces the rate of diseases and infection. It also contains magnesium, potassium, and some Vitamins B. it is known to be the most delicate quality type of coffee ever. (Source: Cold Brew Hub).


In my opinion, the Cold brew coffee beans should be light roasted because of their subtle flavor and low acidity. When I had this coffee, I liked its taste and aroma because it is way different from other coffees and gives a heavenly feeling. I like the cold brew because it is good for our health as it decreases the rate of diseases. I would highly recommend the cold brew coffee beans, which are lightly roasted. Must give it a try!