Best Coffee Beans for Cold Brew Coffee (Buying Guide – 2021 updated)

What’s that one beverage that can turn our hot summer afternoon into a cool and breezy one? We all know that’s a cup of cold brew coffee. When the caffeine in the cold brew coffee kicks in, it just keeps us fresh and energetic all day. After all, can you imagine long hours at work without your favorite cold brew coffee? 

If you are looking for the best coffee beans for cold brew, you’ve landed at the right place. In this article, we will review the best cold brew coffee beans based on our extensive market research and customer reviews. 

Also, we highly recommend you read the buyer’s guide before you click the buy button. 

What Is Cold Brew Coffee? 

For those of you who haven’t yet ventured into the realms of coffee, you must be wondering what is the beverage exactly? Cold-brew doesn’t mean the temperature of the coffee that you are going to drink. 

It refers to the procedure of preparing the coffee. This coffee blend uses room-temperature water for steeping the ground coffee beans. This process takes about 12 hours to complete. 

You can mix this coffee concentrate with chilled water or cold milk. If you are someone who loves highly caffeinated coffee, you’re going to love this one. You will go gaga over the super smooth and fine texture of the cold brew. 

For the best experience, you should use top quality cold brew coffee beans. 

Choosing the Right Coffee for Cold Brew 

Whether you’re or you’re not a coffee addict, buying the best coffee beans for cold brew is not everyone’s cup of tea. A few people are very specific about their coffee, like the grind, quality, age, etc. 

Even expensive choices like Coffee Yauco and Kopi Luwak have loyal coffee-drinking people. Word to the wise, there’s a rare chance that your favorite coffee will suit well for preparing the cold brew. 

We say that it takes a true coffee lover to spot the finest and the best coffee grounds for cold brew. Some people find the coffee-making process to be more complicated than wine. Right from the variety of the bean to how you store your coffee, everything has a great impact on the final taste. 

Thankfully, when it comes to cold brew, it’s not so picky. Since the preparation method calls for cold water, therefore the brewing time must be extended. A little adjustment here and there, and you’ll have the perfect cup of fresh cold brew coffee. 

Check out these essential factors to consider before you buy the coffee for cold brew. 

The Roast Factor

Do you know what we love the most about cold brew coffee? This coffee tastes great with a variety of coffee bean types. You can use the dark, light, or medium roast according to your cold brew coffee preferences. 

Also, your roast preferences for cold and hot coffee don’t have to be the same.  Let’s see which roast is the best for cold brew coffee. 

Light Roast

There are very few people who prefer light roast for their cold brew coffee. This is because the light roast coffee has a delicate, subtle, and citrusy flavor that doesn’t settle well with cold brew methods. 

You can use a cold drip coffee maker as they produce a good, light cold brew. You can choose the perfect one for you only by experimenting. 

The light roasts result in somewhat muted flavors. This roast requires a longer extraction time owing to its cellular structure of the beans. The flavors in a light roast are very difficult through the process of cold brewing. 

Medium Roast

The medium roast is darker than the light roast beans and more acidic. The medium roast is also known as “Breakfast blend” or “Americano.” The medium roast is a popular choice amongst Americans, and hence the name.

The medium roast works fine with the cold brew. You will require an extra coarse grind to bring out the best flavors. For people who don’t like the bitterness in the coffee, they should consider buying medium roast. 

Dark Roast

Many people swear by using dark roast for their cold brew coffee. We can’t blame them, as the cold brew tastes best with a dark roast. Most coffee experts suggest dark roast because it tends to offer a darker and richer taste. 

The flavors that come out will be earthy, chocolaty, and nutty. The robust flavors and the overall quality is impressive. 

Another good reason why you should consider using a dark roast is that they are affordable. The light roasts that have fruity and floral aromas are going to cost you a chunk. The dark roast is more ideal for cold brewing. Dark roast tastes even better with cream or milk. 

The Age of The Coffee Beans

This one would’ve come as a shocker for you. We told you coffee beans are as complicated as wine. 

When the coffee beans are going through the cold brewing process, there are a few soluble elements in them that remain unextracted. The freshness shouldn’t be something to look out for when you’re looking for cold brew coffee beans, in simpler words. 

If you have cold brew coffee grounds that are older than a week or two, it’s completely fine. You can make a perfect cold brew coffee with slightly old coffee grounds. The taste will be intact, and it’ll be the same as the day you bought it. 

The cold brewing process doesn’t take out all the aromas. Therefore, even if your beans have aged, it still won’t matter if the aroma has faded. 

Why Is the Grind So Important? 

Is the grind the prime variable in cold brew coffee? Yes, the grind is very important when it comes to preparing cold brew coffee. 

Even if you have the best coffee beans for cold brew, a wrong grinding can spoil the whole texture and flavor of your coffee. With the wrong grind, those perfect little coffee beans will be worthless. 

So, the question is, what’s the perfect grind for cold brew coffee? The cold brew process involves submerging the coffee beans in cold water for long hours. Unlike the process involved in espresso, you do not require pressure and heat to extract the flavors from the beans. 

You should go for a coarse grind for making your cold brew coffee. The coarse grind feels like beach sand and also feels gritty when you touch it or rub it in between your hands. 

This is the perfect grind size due to several reasons. A coarse grind is less dense, and hence it will easily begin dripping. 

Also, the finer grinds sometimes result in overly bitter flavors. The fine grinds feel over-extracted, and the water gets trapped above the layer of these grinds. 

The coarse coffee grounds allow the water to drip easily. The taste of the coarse grounds is sweet and flavourful, which many coffee lovers appreciate. 

Benefits of Cold Brew Coffee

We have listed several benefits that will make you try the cold brew coffee at least once. Even if you are already a coffeeholic, you must know that your favorite drink has got some potential health benefits. 

All the coffee aficionados gather as we are going to list seven benefits of cold brew coffee. 

It’s an Elixir 

Drinking a cup of joe daily can positively impact your health, and it can also add years to your life. How is this possible? The cold brew coffee pushes the body’s fat-shedding capabilities. 

It lowers the risk of dementia and boosts insulin sensitivity. Can you think of any other beverage that tastes great and comes with so many benefits?  

All this possible because of the antioxidant properties of coffee. Cold brew coffee acts as an anti-inflammatory element for the human body. 

Coffee is full of free-radical fighting elements. The free-radicals are the reasons behind many cancers, so the more you fight them off, the better. 

The Extra Caffeine

Some of us like our coffee to be strong and high in caffeine content. All credits for the awesome taste of cold brew coffee should go to the lengthy steeping procedure. 

We were curious about the coffee-to-water ratio in cold brews, and you know what we found out? It’s 1:60. That’s a whole lot of caffeine kicked in that small cup of cold brew coffee. 

You should also know that cold brew coffee is often diluted with cream, water, or milk. This blend can reduce caffeine concentration. Although cold brew is caffeine-laden, it may not necessarily taste so. 

If you prefer a higher concentration, make sure that you proceed with less dilution. You must choose the best ground coffee for a cold brew for the best taste. 

Aids in Weight Loss

Did someone say weight loss with cold brew? We are as shocked as you are. The next time you hit the cafe for a cold brew coffee or prepare it at home, there’s no need to feel guilty about the calories. 

The high caffeine content aids in weight loss. You can consume a cup of cold brew coffee right after your morning workout. 

The coffee enhances the after-burn effect and post-energy expenditure. The cold brewed coffee can help your body to continue losing calories even after exercise. Regular coffee has a similar impact. 

We still suggest taking cold brew as it pushes your caffeine kick. Who knew those cold brew coffee beans are so helpful? 

Mood Booster

There are days when you feel dull and low. What you need is a cup of cold brew coffee to kickstart your day. 

This is another great benefit of consuming cold brew. Besides boosting the cognitive function and alertness in your body, it can help with your mood.  

The stimulant can be beneficial for older adults and people who are sleep deprived. Both the brain function and mood seem to be affected by the high caffeine content present in the cold brew. Now, whenever you feel low, you know what to do. 

Great for Belly Troubles

A lot of us go through numerous stomach troubles throughout our lives. Since the cold brew does not adopt heat or pressure, therefore the coffee is saved from the bitter taste. 

The flavor patterns of cold brew coffee are generally less acidic and smoother. If you have acid reflux or a sensitive stomach, then you will generally react to cold brew better. 

If you are making your cold brew coffee, you can pick your favorite coffee beans. As this coffee has a less bitter taste, you might want to give it a try to more highly flavored coffee beans. We love how cold brew coffee has so many health benefits. 


Everyone is so concerned about their skin and the way they look. Especially as the numbers to your age keep adding every year, you get more conscious about the wrinkles and the fine lines. 

You will be elated to know that cold brew coffee can be great for anti-aging effects. Once again, you can thank those antioxidants present in cold brew coffee.  

The antioxidants protect your skin against UV rays and harmful substances present in the air. Cold-brew coffee maintains soft, supple, and youthful skin.  After reading the anti-aging effects, we are surely running to grab a jar of cold brew. 

Hassle-Free Process

Along with a plethora of skin and health benefits, cold brew adopts an incredibly simple brewing method. The brewing kit is neither complicated nor expensive. 

A few coffee types require extensive and pricey brewing kits. The cold brew is an easy-going drink that you can manage to prepare frequently.  

Besides, brewing once a week will keep you covered for the rest of the week. You don’t need to tire yourself every morning to drink cold brew coffee. 

All in all, cold brew is great for a multitude of reasons. We are wondering if it’s time to replace cold brew with our regular coffee.  

Tips for The Best Cold Brew 

Many of you may be consuming coffee for a long time, but you may be unaware that you are preparing it the wrong way. In this best bean for cold brew guide, we’ll share some helpful tips to make the best cold brew coffee. 

Prepare Coffee Ice Cubes

One of the perks of having a cold brew is that it’s highly caffeinated. We don’t want you to dilute the great taste by mixing water. You do not take the whole trouble of steeping the coffee for long hours just for an average coffee. 

To keep the coffee flavourful and chilled, make coffee ice cubes out of it. This is the best way to retain the taste of the coffee without having to dilute it. 

Steep the Coffee Ground for A Minimum Of 12 Hours

The coffee grounds will need a lot of time to infuse the liquid with the aroma and the flavors. You have to be patient if you want your best coffee beans to have good results for cold brew. 

Remember that the coarser the coffee grounds will require much longer hours to be steep. You should let the coffee grounds steep for at least 12 hours.

A few coffeeholic believe that over pressing and over steeping the grounds can result in a bitter taste. The steeping time depends upon the coarseness of your coffee ground. If you have a smaller grind size, adjust the time accordingly. 

The steep time may also vary from roast to roast. You have to steep the light roast longer than medium and dark roast.

Prepare Using Filtered Water

Many people will be confused when they hear filtered water. We suggest using filtered water as it will produce clean and tasteful flavors. 

You will notice a sharp difference in taste when using filtered water and tap water. The filtered water also makes your coffee a tad sweeter. Even professional coffee makers and experts have advised using filtered water. 

Coarse Beans for The Perfect Taste 

One of the important tips to make the best cold brew coffee is to use coarsely ground beans. Earlier, we discussed why the grind is important and what’s the correct grind for a cold brew. 

If you are finding your coffee to be less flavourful and impactful, it may be because of the grind. You have to look for more coarse or fine grounds to enhance the flavor profiles. 

Let’s Make Cold Brew at Home 

There are plenty of ways to prepare fresh cold brew coffee at home. You can add multiple things to your cold brew coffee and have it hot or cold. 

In this guide, we are going to tell you the most basic way to prepare a cold brew at home. Before we move on to the process, you have to make sure the best coffee grounds for cold brew. 

Step 1 – Grinding Your Favorite Coffee Beans Coarsely

The first step calls for grinding 1 cup of coffee beans at the highest speed on your grinder. In case your grinder does not have the option for coarse grinding, you can use 1-second pulses on spice grinders. The ground coffee or the final output should not be like a fine powder. 

It should not look like milk powder, and rather it should have a texture similar to cornmeal. After you complete grinding, you’ll have a little less than 1 cup of ground coffee. Make sure that you grind the beans till it’s coarse. 

Step 2 – Mix the Cold Brew Coffee Grounds with Filtered Water

The next step is to pour the coffee grounds into a clean container. Fill the rest of the container with 4 cups of room temperature and filtered water. 

You can use a wooden spoon to slightly mix the water with the grounds. You have to ensure that the coffee grounds are properly saturated in the liquid. 

Step 3- It’s Time to Steep 

This is the most lengthy and essential step in the cold brewing process. After covering the container with a lid, it’s time to get back to completing your other tasks. 

Leave the container in its place for at least 12 hours. We have to avoid over steeping the coffee as it will result in a bitter taste. 

A few people make the mistake of storing their containers in the refrigerator as the steeping process continues. We do not suggest refrigerating the container as it can result in a weaker output. 

Step 4 – Straining the Coffee

After the coffee grounds have rested for 12 hours, you have to use a small strainer. It’s better if you line the strainer with a cheesecloth. 

Place the lined strainer over an empty bowl, and pour the output through the strainer. If you still see any sediments in your cold brew, you can repeat the straining process once more. 

Step 5 – Transfer the Coffee

The final step is to transfer the coffee. You can store the coffee in a clean glass bottle or mason jar. You can keep the bottled coffee in the refrigerator for a whole week. This procedure eliminates the hassle of preparing the cold brew every day. 

When you are serving the coffee, you can dilute the cold brew with cream, milk, or water. If you like to go the fancy way, you can add some special ingredients. 

Our Top Picks for The Best Coffee for Cold Brew 

In this review section, we have tried to bring the best ground coffee for cold brew and the best beans. Along with the description, we have mentioned each coffee ground or bean’s pros and cons for your convenience. 

In this list, you’ll be able to find all kinds of coffee types. Be it the roasts, the price, beans or ground, this list has it all.

Koffee Kult Coffee Beans

The Koffee Kult came in from Hollywood, Florida. The company has a reputation for making some of the world’s finest and most delicious coffee. 

What makes it so unique? This coffee has a unique blend consisting of 100% Arabica coffee from Sumatra, Brazile, and Colombia. Koffee Kult is a potential candidate that makes one of the best beans for cold brew. 

Their coffee is available in both beans and ground. You can find this coffee in a medium and dark roast.  The dark roast beans that come without oil have a pleasant aroma and a smooth texture. 

The beans and grounds are perfect matches for cold brewing. The oil-less beans and balanced acidity will settle on your tastebuds perfectly. 

Koffee Kult has gathered a cult of loyal coffee lovers. Some of the flavor notes in this coffee are cinnamon and cocoa, and the smooth, bright, and heavy body beans deserve brownie points. 

You can use the coffee beans or ground with any coffee machine or maker. These days it’s difficult to find coffee beans that have so few limitations and so many benefits. 


  • The coffee beans consist of great flavor notes.
  • It is available in both medium and dark roast.
  • Koffee Kult hand packages the coffee.
  • You can use them with all the coffee machines.
  • The coffee is available in different packaging sizes. 


  • In some packages, the roast date is missing.
  • A few coffee-drinkers find the coffee to be extra bitter.

Death Wish Organic Coffee

Death Wish Coffee will make you want to have a cup of cold brew coffee every day. It is considered to be one of the strongest coffees in the world. 

The name may sound a little psych, but coffee aficionados know that this coffee is the ultimate morning drink. Death Wish uses no extra caffeine or addictive to prepare their delicious blends. 

We can’t imagine making a list of best coffee beans for cold brew and not including Death Wish in it. The brand only uses Fair Trade Certified and USDA Organic coffee beans. They combine Robusta and Arabica beans to make sure that you’ve all the energy to go through a whole day of hard work.  

Death wish is offering both whole beans and ground coffee. The seeds have an intense flavor and delicate touch of cherries and chocolates. 

You will find it difficult to choose other brands once you shift to Death Wish. Just like you, even we are wondering the secret behind their coffee.  

The unique roasting technique that sets the temperature and time carefully seems to be the reason. It’s a low-acidity blend, which makes it more flavourful and healthier. One sip of this coffee and you’re never visiting your neighborhood cafe for coffee again. 


  • It has a great flavor and aroma.
  • It is USDA certified.
  • The beverage feels smooth.
  • It is 100% Robusta and Arabica 


  • The coffee is pricey
  • The coffee is not as strong as it claims to be. 

Stone Street Coffee 

Stone Street is hands down one of the best coffees we have ever come across. There’s something that Stone Street is doing right that the other coffee beans are incapable of doing.

Those beans are capable of standing against the most expensive coffee beans in the world. If you want cold brew coffee beans, you must check this one out. 

Stone Street is a small scale roaster from America that is offering beans specially tailored for cold brew. The company boasts of having close relationships with the world’s best coffee growing farms around the world. 

Their coffee is a single-origin Arabica Colombian Supremo coffee beans that are dark roasted. Their beans have an authentic taste that is well-balanced, smooth, a little sweet, and at the same time, very bold.  

If you are unable to find the best cold brew coffee beans, then Stone Street is there to rescue you. The seeds are carefully roasted to retain the aroma and taste of the coffee. 

When you open the Stone Street Coffee bag, you’ll be impressed with the 3-layer packaging system. This is done so that the beans feel fresh whenever you open it. 


  • The dark roast is flavourful.
  • The three-layer packaging is unique.
  • It is 100% Colombian Supremo coffee beans.
  • It is available in both ground and whole beans.
  • It is perfect for cold-brewing. 


  • This coffee bean or ground is expensive.

Tiny Footprint Coffee 

We have talked about a lot of medium and dark roast beans. This Tiny Footprint Coffee is available in light and dark roast to serve all kinds of coffee lovers. 

The tiny footprint is the first company across the globe that is known to be a carbon-free coffee brand. This America based coffee producer is a part of green initiatives like Mindo Cloudforest Forest. 

Their team of on-site experts always check the coffee before it reaches your doorstep. They’re not only offering the best beans for a cold-brew but also ensuring that you’re part of a green environment. The company uses the Probat Roaster with computerized control to deliver you clean and carefully crafted coffee. 

Tiny footprint mixes the light and dark Arabica coffee roasts with the best Ethiopian beans to hit your taste buds. If you love fruity and flavourful coffee, then the Tiny Footprint coffee is for you. 

Just like many of its competitors, this brand also uses USDA certified, and Fair Trade Certified beans only. The Tiny Footprints Coffee is available as grounds and whole beans in different packaging sizes.


  • We love how these beans are pocket-friendly.
  • The smooth and silky taste is addictive.
  • It is 100% organic. 
  • It uses only USDA, and Fair Trade certified beans.
  • The Tiny Footprint is an environmentally friendly brand.
  • The brand mixes both light and dark roast.


  • It might taste bitter than other coffee.
  • The flavor is insufficient and unimpressive. 

Lifeboost Organic Dark Roast 

Lifeboost is a versatile option for all cold brew coffee lovers. You can find both medium and dark roast coffee in the ground and whole bean form. These GMO-organic coffee beans have low-acidic content and rich in taste. 

The company has also recently started offering lightly roasted Nicaraguan single-origin coffee beans. Lifeboost coffee is a healthier alternative to your regular cup of coffee. 

Unlike normal blends, this cold brew coffee doesn’t cause stomach discomfort or teeth issues. When you are using light roast for cold brew, then you have to brew them for at least 16 hours. 

The long-brewing hours will cut down the acidity content. With the dark roast, you do not need to long brewing hours. Their coffee beans are USDA certified. 

Lifeboost also guarantees money-back if you are unhappy and unsatisfied with the taste. Their beans and grounds are tested by a third party to ensure that no harmful compounds are present.

Lifeboost takes pride in sourcing its coffee beans from the mountains of Nicaragua. The beans are washed with spring water and then sun-dried to achieve the perfect humidity content. 


  • The beans are handpicked
  • Lifeboost washes the beans with spring water, and they’re sun-dried. 
  • It’s a single-origin coffee bean.
  • The coffee releases aromatic flavors when cold brewed.
  • A third party checks the beans for harmful substances. 
  • It does cause teeth or stomach issues.


  • The packaging could’ve been better. 
  • The product is rarely in stock. 

Cafe Du Monde Coffee

There’s not a single coffeeholic in the American vicinity who is not aware of the Cafe Du Monde Coffee. Cafe Du Monde is a French Cafe that has been located in New Orleans since the year 1862. 

The cafe is hype among localities and tourists both. It is one of the best beans for cold brew in New Orleans. The famous chicory coffee is perfectly suited to prepare a cup of cold brew. 

The chicory is first softened and then ground and added to the dark roast coffee to cut down the bitterness. The root is used to give a punch of sweet tobacco aroma in the cold brew coffee. You will love the mellow flavors that make the coffee much more appealing. 

The people who like to experiment with their coffee should add Cafe Du Monde Coffee to their list.  The coffee is sold in the form of ground and comes in 15-ounce cans. Their packaging is simple, with a little touch of vintage. 

You enjoy the kick of chicory with coffee and the amazing taste it gives. We highly recommend this coffee for everyone who is looking for something different.  


  • The coffee is affordable
  • You can easily find it in both online and offline stores. 
  • The final taste is very smooth and has no bitterness.
  • You can brew them both hot and cold. 
  • The coffee reacts well with dairy addition. 


  • Everyone will not like the taste of chicory. 
  • It is not ideal for high-caffeine lovers. 

Metropolis Coffee Cold Brew Blend  

If you live in Chicago or you’ve been there, there’s a high chance you’ve heard about this famous coffee brand. We appreciate that the company is committed to freshness. 

Metropolis relies on their cordial relationship with coffee farmers to source the best coffee grounds for cold brew. The company follows a proper roasting schedule from Monday to Thursday. 

The Metropolis is giving big coffee joints a run for their money. Their coffee flavor tastes like it has walnut, shades of melted dark chocolate, and a bit of toast. 

The coffee is specifically produced for cold brewing methods only. Before delivering the coffee to the buyers, Metropolis makes sure that they meet the standards of the company. 


  • All the bags are roasted to order.
  • The coffee is available in whole beans and pre-ground.
  • The coffee has a maximum freshness.
  • It suits cold brew perfectly.


  • The coffee is comparatively expensive. 
  • Metropolis does not ship worldwide.
  • There is no information regarding the source of the beans. 

Bones Coffee Company Flavored Coffee For Cold Brew 

If you find a regular cup of cold brew to be boring, try the Bones Flavored Coffee. You’ll be surprised to see their extravagant range of flavors of cold brew. The Bones Coffee Company went a step beyond with their flavored coffees. 

It is one of the most popular coffee brands in the country. Apart from their kickass coffee flavors, we like how they have such great and attractive packaging. 

They do have not only the best coffee ground for cold brew but also the tastiest. If you enjoy flavors in your coffee, you should head straight to Bones Coffee Company. Their vast range of cold brew coffees includes cookies and cream, toasted marshmallow S’mores, chocolatey, and vanilla caramel. 

They are a fun and great option for your next jar of cold brew. If you like grinding your coffee, you can buy the whole beans from them. 

If you don’t have much time to spare for the grinding process, you can get hold of the pre-ground pack of cold brew coffee.  This artisan roasted coffee is vegan and keto-friendly. So, what will you pick, vanilla or S’mores? 


  • They have diverse flavors available. 
  • The coffee is good for people following the keto and vegan lifestyle. 
  • Its acidity level is low.
  • It is available in both ground and whole bean packs. 


  • The conventional coffee lovers may not like the flavors. 

Final Verdict 

The choice for the perfect cold brew is up to you, but we forget that a few coffee beans are better than the other. In the end, it all boils down to your preferences when it comes to roast.

Coffee lovers can even get into heated arguments when it comes to discussing the best beans for cold brew. After extensive market research and analyzing lots of consumer reviews, we say that Stone Street Coffee is the best. 

Though Stone Street is a more premium option, the quality and the flavors are worth it. Stone Street has put way more effort into the packaging and flavors than the other brands on this list. We appreciate the rest of the coffee beans too. 

As we discussed before that the dark roast is best for cold brew, Stone Street has the perfect roast for the cold brew. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get brewing!