Can A Chemex Go On A Stove?

So you’ve made the morning coffee cup using your Chemex coffee machine. However, it’s still too big to fit in a single cup. How do you keep it hot?

You might well be swayed to heat it up using a stove. However, can you?

Could a Chemex coffee machine be used on the stove? Yes, you may use a Chemex either on a ceramic or gasoline cooktop. In order to make a Chemex warm using an electric burner that has exposed coils, use steel cable grids that you can also get from Chemex.

It is an unfamiliar function of the Chemex coffee machine that might come in handy whenever you want to maintain a cup of freshly made Chemex coffee hot for quite some time.

The Chemex is composed of borosilicate glass that increases the resistance to heat stress. This implies that this can withstand substantial temperature changes without breaking. This also considers them effective to use near a source of heat.

But you can’t even set this on any source of heat. Due to the type of cooktop or stove you are using, you may need to take certain measures.

But here is another concern: is setting your Chemex on the cooktop the easiest method to help your coffee keep warm?  Read on to discover more different methods for keeping coffee warm in a Chemex.

Different Methods Of Keeping Your Coffee Hot

Using A Stovetop

Chemex can be heated on the stovetop without even any difficulty. The cooktop is a nice, safe way of keeping the Chemex heated for sipping your coffee. To avoid burning it, turn the temperature on its lowest heat. You also might retain this for about an hour or more if you prefer.

But, several safety measures must be taken before proceeding:

  • Make absolutely sure the coffee you’re using is cooled before use, otherwise it may burn.
  • Be cautious as there is a risk of overflow when you’re not attentive and cautious.
  • The glass is fragile and therefore can easily shatter if dropped on the burner.

Using A Gas Burner

If you have a cooktop with gas burners, you may also set a Chemex and coffee over a low flame. To control the temperature, I recommend only using it at the lowest temperature on the smallest burner. Remember, whenever you need to place an unfilled Chemex on a burner for any reason, add a little bit of liquid beforehand.

When using a Chemex on a gas burner, one point to remember is steadiness. A gas cooktop does not normally have a level surface to be seated on. Consider using a heat diffuser if the cooktop grills do not provide a secure and safe platform for Chemex to rest on.

Using An Electric Coil Stove

When using an electric coil stove to help keep your Chemex hot, observe the necessary precautions. To keep its coils from directly overheating, contacting, and perhaps destroying your Chemex, something has to be placed between both the Chemex and the coil. Chemex’s proprietary stainless steel wire matrix is your best bet.

The Disadvantages Of Using Your Chemex On A Stove

It may appear to be a good idea to place your Chemex on the burner to maintain the coffee hot. Just make a huge amount to last them all day, right?

Taste Of Coffee

You must, however, exercise extreme caution. Leaving the Chemex on even a source of heat for much too long can ruin the flavor of your coffee. Any direct source of heat aggressively burns your coffee, resulting in overcooking. An overcooked cup of coffee quickly turns bitter. So, warming the coffee inside your Chemex on the burner seems fine, however, only for a limited period of time. Just about 15 minutes would be the absolute limit before you face overcooking.

Chemex Carbon Deposits

If you use a gas stovetop frequently or even have a Chemex box on your gas burner, you may see carbon deposits mostly on glass. Chemex is made out of glass, and then over time, carbon deposits will form on it, destroying its appearance.

To summarize, while it is feasible to maintain coffee hot in a Chemex on almost any burner, there are certain drawbacks. There are also better methods for keeping Chemex coffee warm. Take a look at the recommendations below.

The Most Effective Ways To Keep Your Coffee Hot

Given the disadvantages of having your coffee heated on the burner, you may be seeking alternative ways of keeping the Chemex hot. We’ve compiled a list of the top five ways to accomplish this.

Soak The Chemex In Hot Water

This is the simplest way to keep coffee hot in your Chemex. There is no necessity for any additional equipment. Simply load the sink using 2 to 3 inches of warm tap water and set your Chemex inside it. This will keep it heated for around 45 minutes.

Wrap The Chemex In A Towel Or Cloth

Since the air temperature is cooler than that of the glass, the coffee inside your Chemex cools down too. The temperature cools your glass, and hence the coffee. The cooling process is slowed when cooler air is not allowed to reach the wall of the glass of the Chemex.

Using a towel or cloth to wrap your Chemex up helps to keep it warm. It won’t do too well, however, it will hold your coffee hot for another 10 minutes at most, which may be quite enough.

Warm Your Cups Or Glasses

If you’re planning to drink coffee from a cup or glass, warm it by cleaning this in heated water. This will guarantee that such warmth of the coffee doesn’t really vary significantly when it is poured into the cup.

But, when you have kept your coffee out for a longer length of time, do not reheat it anymore.

Use A Cozy Chemix Device

A much more effective technique in the insulation of the Chemex would be to use a specifically designed companion. They’re constructed of neoprene that will wrap tightly around your Chemex.

The insulating capability of neoprene is far greater than that of a conventional towel. These goods will retain a lot of heat. 

Put A Lid

One thing to keep in mind is that certain lids do not completely cover the opening. This enables you to pour while the lid is still on, but that is less efficient than a temperature retainer. You have the decision.

Combine A Lid And Chemex Cozy

If you want to keep the temperature, pairing the lid with the Chemex cozy is your biggest shot. The neoprene cozy helps keep the carafe warm, whereas the lid prevents the heat from escaping through the top.

Use A Thermos  

Yes, it is indeed a no-brainer. An old good thermos is yet another excellent method to maintain the coffee war going.

You don’t have to worry about your coffee becoming cold since it can hold it hot for a few decent hours. Simply ensure that perhaps the cover is airtight and it has no holes.

A thermos is intended to maintain its liquids cold or warm. Trying to pour the coffee you prepared using a Chemex into a thermos can warm it up until at least a good few hours.

The greatest thermos containers on the marketplace could maintain coffee warm for a whole day. This is for 24 hours!  Although it may not be the smartest idea for the flavor of your coffee, you can potentially brew it before going to bed.

Can You Wash Your Chemex In The Dishwasher?

The Chemex is very simple to clean. Versions with glass grips are dishwasher-friendly and they demand nothing but a spin in the dishwasher. However, versions with a wooden leash and leather strap should be hand cleaned using soap and water.


That’s all there is to it. One inquiry leads to a quick lesson about how to maintain your coffee hot. Put the carafe on the stovetop to maintain the coffee hot in your Chemex. To avoid destroying your coffeemaker, you must take particular care when using certain stoves.