Can You Brew Instant Coffee In A Coffee Maker?

You might think it was a good choice to put instant coffee in the coffee maker to enhance the taste, but you must absolutely avoid doing so.

Ground coffee is not the same as instant coffee, and you must never use instant coffee in your coffee maker. Using instant coffee in a coffee maker may clog it and cause a problem whenever you need to make coffee grounds.

What Is Instant Coffee?

Instant coffee is a very convenient method to prepare coffee at any time. Instant coffees are powdered, roasted, frozen, and dehydrated before being dissolved in warm water to provide a quick normal drink that is typically not bitter.

As a result, instant coffee is an excellent alternative if you prefer to make a fresh cup of joe instantly without investing a significant period of time in preparing and cleaning. But, when matched with ground coffee, particularly freshly roasted beans, the flavor isn’t as impressive. The basis for this is that the techniques used to manufacture this instant coffee like the inclusion of synthetic substances to prevent staleness actually damage the natural flavor. However, owing to its simplicity of use and fast processing, instant coffee remains a popular option among many coffee drinkers.

Two Kinds Of Instant Coffee

The consistency and flavor of instant coffee vary depending on the variety. They’re designed differently, but both need simply milk or hot water.  The one contains what the other does not, and conversely, they can be mixed.

Powdered Instant Coffee

Spray-drying produces powdered instant coffee. Its tiny but microscopic granules dry fast under strong heat, resulting in coffee powder.

The coffee is normally creamy and sugary enough that no sweetener is required. To get a creamy consistency, powdered creamer can sometimes be added.

Crystalline Instant Coffee 

Crystalline instant coffee is just the outcome of freeze-drying. The liquid is removed from the coffee bean concentration. The liquid is then drained out from concentration to solidify, causing crystals to appear.

Despite the fact that it is instant, the brew is similar to that of raw coffee beans. It retains the very same bitter aftertaste and must be spiced if not consumed black.

Why Instant Coffee Should Not Be Used In Coffee Makers

It is not advisable to use instant coffee in your coffee machine. It has a significantly milder flavor than that of the medium or coarse ground. Here are some reasons why instant coffee should not be used in a coffee machine.

Instant Coffee Is Unsuitable In The Brewing Process

The substance is too weak to create a flowing brew. Also, a few brands contain ingredients that degrade the quality of water.

It Takes Longer To Brew Instant Coffee

Before you could even consume instant coffee, it should be brewed. You’ll really have to wait for the instant coffee to roast into a flowing, consistent beverage. The brewing procedure may require longer than the standard, and the water will be lukewarm.

Instant Coffee Doesn’t Have The Same Intensity

Instant coffee lacks the aftertaste and aroma of brewed coffee. It also doesn’t taste as good as ordinary coffee. If you attempt to use instant coffee in some kind of a coffee machine, you will be disappointed. It lacks the complex flavor of a well-brewed cup of joe.

Many Instant Coffees Are Quite Bitter

Because instant coffee has a harsh flavor, many people add sweetener to it. Coffee machines can’t uniformly melt and distribute sugar or other sweeteners. Sugar may adhere to certain elements of the coffee machine, resulting in the build-up and a jammed operation.

What Kind Of Coffee Do Coffee Makers Use?

When it pertains to brewing, it is often assumed that coffee grounds produce the greatest quality. The coffee machines are made to roast coffee grounds by gradually pouring hot water over them. As a result, coffee grounds melt smoothly and optimally in coffee machines.

Because coffee grounds are unfiltered and undried, it preserves the ideal natural flavor you crave in each cup. The scent is also kept since these coffee beans were neither dried nor frozen like instant coffee. As a result, it is usually advisable to use ground coffee, especially when using a coffee machine.

The Best Way To Prepare Instant Coffee

So, now after all of this debate, is instant coffee quite that bad? The response is a firm NO. It is not suggested for using instant coffee in your coffee machine, nevertheless, there are various alternative ways to experience a flavorful dose of instant coffee.

French Press

As with the French press, it is always best to use ground coffee for the best flavor. However, when matched with drip coffee machines, French press instant coffee tastes fairly nice.

You’ll need to have a French press coffee machine as well as hot water. To begin, combine instant coffee and boiled water inside a bowl. Make doubly sure the mixture is not all that thin or too thick. Afterward, put the mixture into the French press vessel and carefully close the lid to prevent air out. After that, drop the press’s lid and drip the coffee off. If necessary, you may also consistently stir it.

Cold Brew Method

Cold-brew coffee is a way more time-consuming, yet more efficient, substitute for standard coffee. This approach requires only ground coffee, water, and a pitcher big enough to contain them properly. Then, place this jar in the refrigerator overnight, and when you wake up in the morning, your cold brew is done.

Using Boiled Water From A Coffee Machine

Other coffee aficionados are still wondering whether they can make instant coffee in their coffee machine. As previously stated, it is not suggested to brew instant coffee in a coffee machine for immediate use. But, there is always the option of taking a detour.

We are all aware that instant coffee is made by combining instant coffee with hot water. So, in a coffee machine, heat water until it is ready, then put over the heated water then add the instant coffee. Hence, using boiling hot water from a coffee maker, you may put an end to your urge to brew instant coffee with a coffee maker.

As a substitute for ground coffee, you could use an instant coffee that tastes just as excellent.

Using Instant Coffee Machines

When you’re an instant coffee enthusiast who doesn’t like to go through all the procedures of heating water, putting instant coffee, mixing, and so forth, you could always use various instant coffee machines.

The following are among the most popular instant coffee machines:

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Difference Between Regular Coffee And Instant Coffee?

Instant coffee dissolves in hot boiled water and maintains its stability at standard room temperature. It does not have to be stored and can also be used while traveling. Coffee is produced from roasted coffee that has been ground into medium and coarse-sized particles. This can be diluted in hot water after crushing and stored in the refrigerator to prevent spoilage.

What Is The Caffeine Content In A Cup Of Instant Coffee?

It could have 80 to 120 mg of caffeine each cup, depending on the manufacturer, kind, and amount of coffee ground. The majority of famous brands include a lot of caffeine content.

How Do You Keep Instant Coffee Fresh?

After using a bottle, always ensure that it really is fully sealed. It will keep air from entering the canister and spoiling it. It is also essential to keep the coffee cold and moisture-free. You may keep it in an airtight plastic bag or container.


Using instant coffee in your coffee maker may appear to be a simple method to make a cup of coffee, however, it’s not. It will almost certainly damage your coffee maker, and make your cup of coffee not as what you expected.   Your best option is to use an alternative preparation technique or perhaps a coffee maker designed to prepare instant coffee swiftly.