What Is The Difference Between Mocha And Latte?

If you catch yourself looking at a coffee menu in an unusually long time, it’s mostly because there are so many choices and they all seem delicious. Within these delicious choices are these two espresso drinks: mocha and latte. Some customers are quite acquainted with these two, however, if you find yourself drinking a mocha or a latte and have no idea what you are drinking, we’re here to help.

So what’s the difference between the two? The simple answer is the presence of chocolate. Both beverages are made with espresso as the base. Latte is made largely of frothed milk and steamed milk, although it can also be flavored with syrups. On the other hand, a mocha combines espresso with chocolate, frothed milk, and heated milk.

As you can see above, mocha might appeal to those caffeine lovers who love sweeter coffee. Latte, on the other side, is better suited to coffee aficionados or those who enjoy a more mild version of the normal espresso.

Nevertheless, I’m certain you’d like to learn further about mocha and latte, as well as how they’re prepared – so keep reading!

What Is Mocha?

Dark chocolate is the secret ingredient that distinguishes mocha. Ganache is preferred, however, even chocolate chunks or a chocolate syrup can also be used.

The standard pattern consists of one-fifth chocolate, two-fifths espresso, and one-fifth steaming milk. For latte or mocha, some coffee establishments may use the base of two shots of espresso.

There are several mochaccino and mocha latte, which have varying component ratios. Mochaccino has the same quantity of milk froth and steamed milk and one-third espresso as a cappuccino. Mocha is a latte derivative with one-eighth espresso, five-eighths steamed milk, milk foam, and hot chocolate.

History Of Mocha

When it refers to the origins of mocha, one thing must be made perfectly clear. The phrase “mocha coffee” may refer to one of two things. This coffee drink is an espresso-based beverage with cocoa or chocolate that evolved from a European twist on milk and espresso beverages.

As previously stated, there are mocha beans, as well as the coffee prepared with such beans is likewise known as mocha. The word itself was first used during the 18th century solely for beans arriving in Yemen’s Al Mokha port. Presently, the term mocha generally pertains to the chocolate-infused beverage, whereas the bean is simply known as Arabica.

What Does Mocha Taste Like?

One of the most well-known flavor profiles is that of a mocha. It will indeed taste like chocolate and mocha. When you use mocha beans, you may experience an intense dark chocolate taste, often imitating dark chocolate based on the roast degree.

But, if the barista uses cocoa powder or chocolate powder, you may end up with a significantly more sweet drink. When preparing this type of coffee by yourself, it is important to use high-quality components. It will help you to savor your mocha coffee on a regular basis without negatively impacting your diet.

What Is Latte?

A latte requires four-sixths of steamed milk and equal parts foamed milk and espresso with one-sixth of each. In general terms, a latte is a milky beverage with a hint of coffee. After all, a double shot of espresso contains more caffeine, however, the flavor of milk remains dominating.

The pouring method of steamed milk is the real art form. It is critical to put the milk through into the espresso base. This way, it blends evenly, and when it’s approximately two-thirds filled, you have a good surface for latte painting. Furthermore, it is critical not to rush along through pour in order to prevent having an under-aerated coffee. Try these coffee machines to help you prepare your cup of latte.

History Of Latte

The origin and history of latte aren’t very unusual, but it doesn’t keep the drink a little less appealing. According to mythology, Americans desired a sip of cappuccino that was not overly strong. It seems sensible to add more steaming milk. And, boom, a latte was created roughly a decade after WWII ended.

Its popularity has skyrocketed in the last two decades, and there are latte art tournaments to promote the growing trend. The caffe breve or breve latte, a creamier, richer variation of the latte, has also gained popularity in America.

What Does Latte Tastes Like?

A latte is a great option for coffee enthusiasts who do not prefer the full power of an espresso. You may make it as gentle as strong as you like by varying the quantities of coffee and milk, although a latte will normally taste a little less intense due to the amount of milk included therein. A tiny coating of micro-foam will be added to the top of your Latte coffee to lock in the taste. This coat, however, is generally not quite as rigid or thick compared to the cappuccino.

Which Is Stronger? Latte Vs Mocha

Mocha has a stronger flavor. Despite the fact that both latte and mocha contain the same quantity of espresso, the quantity of steamed milk consumed varies substantially.

In reality, a caffe latte contains far more milk than a mocha.

Latte is often produced with an espresso-to-milk proportion of 1:3 or maybe more, whereas mocha is made with only a little amount of steamed milk, around 2 ounces. And this makes the difference in it in regards to caffeine strength.

Mocha is significantly more intense since the level of espresso used is nearly equivalent to the amount of milk and chocolate used. Latte, on the other hand, is drenched with milk.

Which Is Sweeter? Latte Vs Mocha

Without a doubt, it is mocha. Why? In simple words, it is because of the presence of the chocolate.

While latte is quite creamy,  milky, and smooth, it lacks the sweetness of mocha. But, clearly, I’m referring to regular mocha and latte coffee drinks here.

Some unconventional latte versions that include sweetened whipped cream, syrups, and other sweeteners are plainly rather sweet.

However, in general, mocha is much sweeter compared to a latte. And it makes no difference what type of chocolate is being used to make a mocha. It can be made using cocoa, chocolate syrup, milk chocolate, or even black chocolate but dark chocolate is more bitter.

Which Has More Caffeine Content? Latte Vs. Mocha

Given that both coffee beverages are prepared out of the same base using one espresso shot, it’s no wonder that they contain pretty much the same level of caffeine.

Please remember that caffeine levels might vary somewhat depending on the type of coffee beans, extraction time, and a variety of other factors, so in the real sense, two drinks will be similar, but not identical.

Which Is Higher In Calories? Latte Vs. Mocha

Let’s go right to the point: it’s mocha.

This comes as no surprise given the extra chocolate and the fact that it is frequently topped with whipped cream or marshmallows.

We obtained the following calorie counts from Starbucks UK for accuracy:

Sizes of coffeeMocha Latte 
Short137 Kal60 Kal
Tall196 Kal102 Kal
Grande249 Kal128 Kal
Venti283 Kal168 Kal

Which Is Healthier? Latte Vs. Mocha

Many individuals are concerned about nutrition and eating a healthy diet. Although coffee and brewed beverages are not as nutritious compared to a green smoothie in the day, they have been demonstrated to lower stress and give some health advantages. A latte may be a calcium source. Women, particularly elderly women, often suffer from calcium deficiencies, thus the latte can be beneficial in the morning. It increases the body’s calcium content.

A latte, on the other hand, can be made with soy milk that is somewhat healthier for your body. Soy milk lowers cholesterol and aids in the prevention of osteoporosis. Soy milk is often avoided by a large number of people. However, if we can consume it in coffee, such as the latte, it may help us fight diseases such as breast cancer and renal disease.

Coffee Verdict – Which Is Better For You? 

Both the latte and the mocha are excellent coffee variations, and deciding between the two might be tough at times.

After learning about the exact differences, I recommend that you get both varieties and pick which flavor appeals to you the most. 

Coffee, of any kind, is a tasty option for the palate. Both the mocha and the latte are excellent options that give us cool beverages which we can appreciate. Any coffee version will brighten your day.

The mocha, a chocolate-flavored kind of latte, allows us the pleasure of tasting both chocolate and coffee in such a single drink. You with your coffee companion will undoubtedly appreciate hooking up for one.

I hope this post has helped you understand the difference between mocha and latte. So the next time you go to your local coffee shop, you won’t have to wonder what these beverages are or what they’re composed of.