Which Coffee Is Stronger Pike Or Blonde? Things You Should Know

Most of us rely on coffee to get us out of bed in the morning, and most don’t think much about the flavor or intensity of the coffee. Not all mixes are made equally. Some have a higher caffeine content than others. A popular myth is that a dark roasted bean contains more caffeine because of its darker color and more strong flavor, however, this is not the case. 

A basic indicator of how much caffeine is in a specifically roasted coffee is to check how dark, light or oily the bean is. Since the coffee beans are roasted for a longer period of time, darker roasts have a lower caffeine level. Also because coffee beans are roasted for a shorter period of time, blonde roasts offer a greater caffeine level

Let’s make some comparisons with Blonde and Pike coffee.

Which Is Stronger? Blonde Roast Vs Pike 

Caffeine Informer provides the following information. Let’s analyze the caffeine contents of the most popular 8oz Starbucks beverages to see which coffee is the strongest.

Medium155 mg
Dark130 mg
Blonde180 mg

Pike Place Brewed coffee provides 155 mg of caffeine for every 8 oz drink and is generally a medium roast. The same-sized cup of Starbucks dark roast contains just 130 mg of caffeine. Whereas Starbucks’ blonde roast comes in first place with 180  mg per cup.

As you can notice, blonde roast coffee contains the most caffeine of any normal coffee drink available at Starbucks.

What Affects The Caffeine Content Of A Drink?

When it refers to how much caffeine content is in a drink, many factors come into play. The most important factor is the type of drink or the material used to make the drink. The type of coffee bean, the brewing process, and how long the coffee beans were roasted will all have an impact on this.

Obviously, decaffeinated coffee differs in that caffeine deficiency is the aim rather than a result.

Coffee beans are classified into two categories, which are derived from two distinct coffee plants. The caffeine content of the Robusta coffee bean is significantly higher than that of the Arabica coffee bean. In fact, as compared to Arabica, Robusta contains approximately double the caffeine amount per bean.

The length of time the beans are roasted affects the kind of roast coffee, which ranges between light to dark. Light roasts, especially blonde roasts, were roasted for less time. This preserves many of the components, including caffeine. Dark roast, on the other side, is roasted for an extended period of time. This means that a dark roast contains less caffeine.

What Is Blonde Roast?

People are frequently confused when they hear the word “blonde” coffee. It should not be confused with “white” coffee, which is produced from unroasted coffee beans. Starbucks has used the same roast for over 40 years, so blonde roast coffee is a new addition.

Blonde roasted coffee is a mild roast that produces a coffee with more acidity, sweet aromas, and a lighter texture. The beans are dryer, denser, and lighter in color, without any surface oil.

A blonde roast emphasizes the distinct smells and tastes of the coffee’s origin, making it ideal for single-origin coffee.

For their blonde roast, different roasteries use different roast temperatures. Some roasteries promote their blonde roast coffee as “lighter than light,” whilst others create a blonde roast that is closer to medium in regards to roast characteristics and temperature.

Blonde roast coffee is also known as half city, light city, cinnamon roast,  and New England. Because it is appropriate for filtered coffee, some people refer to it as filter roast coffee.

Is Blonde Espresso Roast The Same As Blonde Roast?

In a nutshell, yes, the blonde roast is just the same coffee as an espresso roast. They just have a different ground and package.

The bright creamy box of a Veranda type of Blend Blonde Roast coffee stands out on a rack of Starbucks coffee items.

Starbucks Blonde Espresso Roast is just the same coffee as Starbucks Blonde Espresso Roast, but it is packaged particularly for single-serve coffee machines.

What Is The Taste Of A Blonde Roast Coffee?

Experience with blonde roast coffee will not be the same with everyone, specifically, if you’re trying one for the first time.

Some people say it to be somewhat sweet with a lemony aftertaste.

The original dark roast coffee, on the other hand, has a more earthy and stronger flavor. It is often bitterer than a blonde roast.

This coffee roast works in more senses than one. The distinct flavor derived from the coffee beans is a success, and the brew delivers the expected energetic rush.

What Is A Pike Place Roast?

Pike Place Roast is a combination of dark beans with a rich taste and robust flavor. This is a Starbucks specialty roast that was introduced in 2008 to commemorate the company’s original shop at Pike Place Market, which originally debuted in 1971.

Pike Place roast was created by modifying the taste of the company’s previous coffees. This unique mix is made from coffee beans from countries surrounding the Arabian Peninsula by their original coffee producers. The Pike Place roasts a combination of Arabica beans grown at high altitudes.

What Makes Blonde Roast Stronger?

It has extra caffeine because of the specific combination of beans used in the coffee. Isn’t it true that a fresh mix necessitates the purchase of new beans? Starbucks’ initial roast was prepared from dark roast beans from Asian Pacific and Latin America.

The beans used to make blonde roast are cultivated in East Africa and Latin America. It is the various beans, not the roasting process, which make this coffee stronger.

Whoever was in charge of selecting the coffee beans for this roast wasn’t going to choose lesser coffee, right? Did anyone request a weaker cup of coffee?

What Is the Drinking Pleasure? Blonde Roast Vs Pike

Blonde roasts are ideal for those who love coffee that is bright, flowery, or citrusy. They have such a lighter weight and more caffeine. It’s concentrated coffee without the typical black coffee taste, something that many people enjoy.

Pikes are ideal for those who appreciate the flavor of a strong cup of coffee. Dark roasts exhibit many of the caramelized, smoky, and sweet taste qualities associated with roasting. They are also a bit less caffeinated compared to the light roast as caffeine burns out from the beans as they roast longer.

Which Is More Acidic? Blonde Roast Vs Pike

The acid contents of a coffee drink are important since they affect the pleasantness and flavor of your drink.

Blonde roasts have the highest acidity since the bright flavors and acids of a dark roast are cooked out during the long roasting process. Blonde roast coffee has a pH of roughly 4.5, whereas dark roast coffee has a pH of 5.9.

On the other hand, Dark roast coffee has a lower acidity than light roast coffee. This is due to the fact that the longer the coffee bean roasts, the more acidic chemicals and brighter tastes are cooked out of it. This results in a less acidic flavor and has a lower pH level. Dark roasts have a pH of roughly 5.9, whereas light roasts have a pH of around 4.5.

People who suffer from heartburn or IBS may have discomfort as a result of the increased acidity. If you want to try blonde roast but don’t want to deal with any of the drawbacks, read this article on what to do to make your coffee less acidic.

Which Is Healthier? Blonde Roast Vs Pike

Whether blonde roast is healthier compared to dark roast is a matter of personal preference.

In general, most coffee is safe as long as you limit your intake of caffeine and avoid adding too many processed or fatty ingredients.

Blonde roasts have more acidity and caffeine than dark roasts. They do, however, contain a greater amount of antioxidants.

Dark roasts may be a healthy component of your diet if you limit your daily caffeine consumption and don’t add a lot of bad ingredients to your drink.

Which Coffee Roast Is Right For You?

So, do you prefer a dark roast, a blonde roast, or anything in between? That relies on all of the above-mentioned circumstances.

If caffeine content is important to you, choose a blonde roast for more caffeine content or you can choose the dark roast for less caffeine.

You may also add a twist to this by determining whether your favored coffee uses Robusta or Arabica coffee beans.

A blonde or light roast is ideal if you want an acidic, bright taste or a lighter body. These are popular beverages that have been for several years. A dark roast is best if you want robust, rich tastes with less acid and much more of a toasted note. Try something in the middle if you don’t like the body of dark roasts or the sharpness of blonde roasts.

A decent medium roast may provide you with coffee that has fewer extremes. These are popular among those who consume coffee although not liking it, as well as others who enjoy the aroma and flavor characteristics of both extremes.

Some folks like experimenting with different styles. When you need to feel energized on a weekday morning, you might grab a blonde roast.

Maybe you prefer cuddling up with such a full-bodied dark roast on a peaceful morning and you don’t have to go anywhere.

There is no correct answer. For most folks, experimenting with different kinds of roasts is the best bet.

Then, once you’ve determined whatever roast level you want, experiment with different brands or tastes of that roast. Don’t forget to have fun while you’re looking for the ideal cup of coffee!