Which Coffee Maker Makes The Hottest Coffee?

On a daily basis, American households consume at least 3 cups of coffee. Coffee can be served either hot or cold, but this article is for those who want to brew coffee in the hottest way possible.

For people who love their coffee hot, the recommended temperature for brewing coffee is about 195-205° Fahrenheit. Once your coffee brewer reaches this temperature, then you are guaranteed a good, hot coffee.

Now, the question is— which coffee maker heats at this temperature range? In this article, we will talk about the 5 Best Coffee Maker Brands that can give you a coffee beyond your expectations. 

Why Is It Important To Have A Coffee Maker That Can Reach 205° Fahrenheit?

Temperature is a very important matter when it comes to coffee making. Once you brew your coffee above 205°, some unwanted compounds of coffee will also be melted. And once you brew your coffee at a low temperature, some wanted compounds of coffee will not be dissolved.

Hence, brewing your coffee in a maker that can reach a temperature ranging from 195-205° F, will give you a perfect coffee with perfect dissolved compounds. Just remember to serve your coffee at your desired temperature. Avoid serving it at a temperature that can burn your tongue.

Now, let’s move on to 5 of our recommended brands that can guarantee you a good brewing temperature in making your coffee.

1. Redline MK1 8 Cup Coffee Brewer

Redline MK1 is SCAA certified making it one of the best and trusted coffee maker brands out there. It can reach the temperature range of 195-205° F, so you are guaranteed a good coffee experience. More so, it has a good aesthetic design structure that is very modern and pleasing to the eye.

Using Redline MK1 also ensures a fast brewing process. It guarantees a 2-year warranty and a 60-day return policy. Finally, it makes a good flavored coffee because its technology allows it to release trapped carbon dioxide at the bottom to generate greater flavors.

The only downside of this model is that it is made from plastic, so issues with its durability are always questioned.

2. Technivorm’s Moccamaster Cup-One

Like Redline MK1, Technivorm’s Moccamaster can also easily reach the required temperature of 195-205° F. It also has easy-to-follow features and has a pre-infusion feature that prepares the coffee grounds before brewing.

It is handmade and has a metal case housing that ensures durability. It only uses a small amount of plastic in its overall construction. But these plastics are BPA-free so you don’t need to worry about it.

It takes longer to brew, about 4 minutes, but it is guaranteed that you will have a good sip afterward. More pros of using this model are its durability, 5-year warranty, and fine coffee results.

The only cons in using this product is that its brew basket tends to get easily clogged up. So, you will be needing to exert more effort in regularly cleaning it.

3. BUNN HB Heat N’ Brew Programmable Coffee Maker

In terms of technology, BUNN HB is one of the leading coffee maker machines out there. It is also SCA certified which ensures its high quality and durability. It is equipped with a lime-tolerant 6-stream spray that enables the machine to completely saturate the coffee grounds.

Apart from this, the machine has a programmable digital clock and you can watch each stage of the brewing process with its amazing digital display. Despite the fact that it is made mostly of plastic, these are all free of BPA. The machine is designed to be lightweight and in a slightly tall manner, but would still fit your cabinets and tables.

The only downfall with this machine is its lack of pause and pour feature. So, if you want something like that, this machine might disappoint you.

4. Cuisinart CPO-850 Coffee Brewer

It’s no surprise that Cuisinart has made our list today. It has the technology to perfectly brew your coffee at a faster rate. It is also among the few brands that have been certified by the SCA. The machine promises lots of amazing and advanced features that coffee lovers will surely love.

First, it is equipped with a 24-hour timer which gives you the freedom to choose when the brewing process will begin. Second, it has the pause feature which lets you have a drip-free cup before finishing the brewing process. And what’s way cooler is that you have the exact control over how you would want your coffee to be.

You can easily choose how strong the coffee is, whether you want it mild, bold, or moderately bitter, it will all be your choice. The only downfall about this product is its display dims after using it for a long time.

5. OXO BREW 9 Cup Coffee Maker

One of the cool features Oxo Brew has is its intense built-in heat insulation mechanism that allows the coffee to stay hot for a long time. Also, it has a 24-hour timer which gives you freedom when to start the brewing process. Moreover, it can cater to cup sizes of 2-9 cups depending on what you prefer.

And since the machine is SCAA certified, it has the required temperature of 195-205° Fahrenheit. The machine also has a rainmaker-like head that ensures the equal distribution of hot water to coffee grounds. This will result in a better saturation process of the coffee.

Why Does My Coffee Maker Do Not Make My Coffee Hot?

For some people who already have a coffee maker at home, it’s really frustrating when your coffee maker does not meet your desired hotness of the coffee. So, we listed some of the possible reasons why your coffee maker does not make you a hot coffee. Also, we will give you some advice that can help you resolve these problems.

The Heating Element Of The Coffee Maker Is Malfunctioning

The heating element is the one that heats the liquid to boil. It can normally be found under your machine’s heating plate. If you have trouble locating your heating element, you can always check your manual or contact your manufacturer.

To check if the heating element is working, screw out the base of your machine and locate the heating element. Check its conductivity by using what we call a multimeter. If there’s no electricity conducted, then there’s really a problem with the heating element.

If you’re knowledgeable about electronics, there are lots of easy DIY repair steps that you can perform. However, if you’re really unsure about it, then it’s best recommended that you bring the machine to a technician for the best solutions.

The Thermostat Of Your Coffee Maker Is Malfunctioning

If there’s something that controls your machine’s heating elements, it’s the thermostat. Whenever the thermostat detects a higher temperature that is beyond normal, it will automatically shut down. It can also be subject to open circuit situations, which will prevent the electricity from flowing to the heating elements.

You can also check if the thermostat is working by following the same instruction as to the heating elements. If there’s no electricity detected, then the thermostat is most probably not working. If you’re not knowledgeable about your device’s electronics, then it is best recommended to contact your manufacturer or bring it to your most trusted technician for the best solutions.

Your Power Outlet Is Not Working

If there’s no problem with your machine upon testing its conductivity, the problem might be on your power outlet. Try checking if other appliances work on the same outlet you are working on, or try plugging the machine in another outlet.

If your other machines did not work as well, then there’s a problem with your power outlet. The solution is to contact a professional electrician to do the work for you. Remember that configuring your power outlet alone is not recommended as it is extremely dangerous.

Your Temperature Setting Is Low

If your heating elements and power outlet are working well, it’s time to check the setting of your temperature. Double-check if you have selected a higher temperature, or your desired temperature, on the machine. Different machines have different temperature settings, so make sure that you follow the manual of the machine. If problems occur, contact your manufacturer for better advice and help.

Your Coffee Maker Has Damaged Parts

If you have set the proper temperature setting and all other discussed issues are cleared, check some parts of your coffee machine for some cracks or damages. You can check the heating plate, filter basket, lid, and resting plate for this matter. Damages and cracks can cause the heat to be dispersed and not transmitted to your coffee.

If there’s any damage to your product, contact your manufacturer for warranty or return options of the product.

Wrap It Up

Today, we have discussed the benefits of having your coffee brewed at a temperature ranging from 195-205° F, 5 of the best coffee maker brands that will give you the hottest coffee, and some of the most encountered problems that might cause your coffee heat problems.

So, you don’t need to worry about your coffee not being able to give you that extra heat in your mornings. Tell us about your experience after reading this article!