Best Coffee Scales For The Perfect Brew (Extensive Buying Guide and Review)

Coffee is the first thing you want in the morning, and if you’re a caffeine addict, that is exactly what brought you here. You’re looking for a way to make not only a great morning cup but with consistency. Luckily, with the best coffee scale, you have the leisure of making great coffee every day. 

Here, we will recommend our six best coffee scales for the perfect brew, along with a buyer’s guide. Let’s get started!

What You Need to Consider When Buying A Coffee Scale

When it comes to buying coffee scales, various questions come to your mind. But don’t worry because we’ll be answering all your questions in our buyer’s guide below. 

How to Choose The Best Coffee Scale

At first glance, picking a coffee scale for a perfect brew seems easy. This is until you go through the various features to weigh when selecting the best coffee scale. Consider these features while deciding on which scale to buy.


Well, you’re buying a coffee scale for maintaining consistency in making the perfect brew. Thus, buying a product that doesn’t offer accuracy is sure of no use.

Some products come with the best milligram scale, while some come with precision less than 1 gram, like the Acaia scale. Thus, it is suggested to pick the scale that offers precision as per your requirements. 

Battery Saver

To ensure that the battery runs for a long period, certain scales are designed with an auto power-off battery saver. This is to protect the battery from draining out too quickly when left inactive. So, consider your scale with an efficient auto turn-off feature for long battery life.


Are you just looking for a coffee scale that gets the process done or something that will up your kitchen-style statement? If the latter dominates your buying, then look for the scale that doesn’t look out of place in your kitchen-top. Coffee scales come in basic to a beautiful piece of art. So, why not get the one which exactly catches your attention at first glance?

Built-In Timer

It is essential to look for a product that comes with a built-in timer. Because if you have been making coffee for years, then you would know essential it is for accuracy. Most of the dedicated coffee scales come with a timer setting for easing up the entire process.

What Is The Best Way To Use A Coffee Scale?

If you’re not making coffee and have decided to start using a coffee scale, continue reading. It usually depends on how you plan to brew coffee and the type of brewer you wish to use.

Using A Portable Brewer?

If you have decided to use a portable brewer, then the process is quite easy. You can simply set the brewer on the scale along with the filter and then tare it. Next, add the desired grams of ground coffee, and then you can easily brew like normal.

Using Regular Coffee Maker?

While using the regular coffee maker, the process is quite simple. You start with setting the filter on the scale and then go ahead to tare it. Next, start adding ground coffee until it reaches your desired grams. Finally, just stick the entire filter to the coffee maker along with ground coffee. 

Planning On Making Espresso?

Making an espresso for your mood is quite easy, especially with a coffee scale. Start with the portafilter. Tare it on the scale and then directly grind the coffee in the filter in the usual way. Also, keep a check on the weight for accuracy as you continue grinding coffee. Finally, tamp, smooth, and brew like normal. 

Are you still confused? Then you can watch various Coffee Brewing Scales videos to know the exact brew ratios and the scaling technique.

Why Use A Coffee Scale?

Are you wondering your today’s coffee is a little dense than yesterday’s? Well, this is exactly why we have been pressing on the need to have the best coffee scale for your home.

Brings Consistency

Even many professionals use a scale for pouring over coffee. This is because brewing requires pouring a specific quantity of water at different intervals. A digital scale is helpful in maintaining consistency in the process. 

It is said until you start using a scale, you wouldn’t know where you’re making a mistake. Scales just eliminate the inconsistency in using coffee or water ratio. Thus, a scale ensures that you achieve consistency every time you plan to brew. 

Improves Flavour

With the use of flavor, your coffee is more refined and consistent in taste as well as the aroma. Once you start using a scale, you would notice the difference in the flavor of the coffee. 

When once you know how to better evaluate the flavor and taste, you would know the changes to make. This would help in knowing the various coffee-water ratios and even brewing time that better suits your taste. This will overall enhance not only your drinking experience but also make you better in the art of making the perfect brew.

Product Reviews of Our 5 Best Coffee Scales For Perfect Brew

Hario V60 Drip Coffee Scale and Timer, Black

This V60 coffee scale comes with a timer and is widely popular for its high-quality and accuracy offered. This is one of the most dependable scales that offer the best digital scale 0.1 gram accuracy. It ensures the highest level of precision in terms of making yourself a perfect brew. 

The drip timer guarantees consistent bloom timing every time you pour a cup. The product also includes an integrated timer for better assistance for the brewing process. Also, it is environment-friendly with the feature of automatic time out. 

So, even if you ran out of the house to meet errands and forgot to switch it off, don’t worry. Because it will turn off after 5 minutes of inactivity and prolong the battery life. This Chinese styled coffee scale is made of durable quality stainless steel.

The equally stylish, sleek black color fits in your kitchen decor instantly without looking out of place anytime. Also, you have the choice to pick among three different colors as per your liking. The product is extremely lightweight, which makes it easy to carry. With this Hario Scale out on your kitchen-top, you would have the best experience of sipping on your perfect brew daily. 

  • Monochrome LCD display
  • 0.1-gram accuracy
  • Drip timer
  • Noise-free
  • Non-user-replaceable battery
  • Few measurement lags

ERAVSOW Coffee Scale with Timer

Well, looking for a coffee scale that assists you in making a great consistent brew, but the price bugs you? No more worries, because this ERAVSOW coffee scale with great attributes and an equally astonishing price comes to the rescue. This is among our best coffee scales with a high-accuracy G-sensor for perfect use.

This highly affordable scale offers an easy-to-read LCD display screen for setting timers for weighing. Also, the scale auto shut-off feature saves up battery life. The weighing machine will turn off automatically after 5 minutes of inactivity. It also includes an indicator light in case of low battery or overloading. Thus, your coffee scale lowers the risk of blowing off when overloaded with too much weight.

The inbuilt timer lets you decide on the precision with measurements scales down from 1g to 3000 grams. So, you can effortlessly change between grams or fluid ounces, depending upon your measurement. This stainless steel scale provides the flexibility of removing the silicon pad. This silicone pad prevents the scale from being spoiled due to a liquid spill in case of slipping of the coffee mug. 

 This bright-textured tray can easily be styled with your kitchenware. Well, we haven’t finished yet. The company promises an assured one-year warranty to give a tough competition to the other products. So, what are you waiting for now because the company has got it all sorted for you? 

  • 1-year warranty
  • Removable silicone pad
  • Nails for hanging
  • Indication light for safety
  • Timer doesn’t clear on turning off
  • Not long-lasting scale

Coffee Scale with Timer

Are you looking for a coffee scale that offers high precision weighing? Then, congratulations, your wait is finally over. This high accuracy coffee scale sensor offers measurement setting up to 5 different units. You can easily switch from OZ to LG to G or better go for the entire mix between G/ML and others. It totally depends on you!

The LCD screen offers great readability in easy regulating the functions and measurements as per your need. The scale auto-off function prolongs the battery life and saves your machine from blowing off.  Besides, the indicator light is turned on when the scale is running on a low battery, making it consumer-friendly. 

The silicon pad offers protection to the display against coffee or any liquid spillage. Also, the easy removal of the mat makes your cleaning work easy. The hard protective cover as well avoids the scale from getting dirty when not in use. 

Apart from accurate measurements, this best coffee scale features a unique inbuilt timer. It permits you to set the timer up to 50 minutes 59 seconds because you deserve a great morning coffee.

The company also offers a 100% satisfaction warranty aiming to build a great consumer satisfied audience for the product. So, ditch all the irregular weighing cups ad get yourself this coffee scale by Apexstone right away.

  • 5-measurement settings
  • Low battery indication light
  • Unique timer
  • Customer-satisfaction service
  • Low powered battery
  • Manual timer setting

KitchenTour Coffee Scale with Timer

This supreme quality coffee scale runs high on energy-efficient use. It is user-friendly with durable quality material that takes place in consumer safe kitchen equipment. Among the best digital scale 0.1 gram accuracy, it as well offers weighing capacity from 0.3g-3kg. Thus, it ensures that your bed coffee is made with refined accuracy. 

This multi-functional scale features a tare function that lets you add ingredients as well during the weighing process. This offers more refined and satisfactory results. The built-in setting timer makes sure that each time your coffee is made with consistency. The machine functions with an automatic turn off feature after 120 seconds of inactivity. 

Additionally, you can change the battery of your best coffee scale beforehand when the indicator shows a low battery. Therefore, it saves up your time of sudden run to the market for a battery change. The silicon pad is water-repellent that protects the screen display against any damage. It is super easy to clean and doesn’t require high maintenance, making it user-friendly. 

This Kitchen Tour scale offers great consistency in making a perfect brew with its high-precision G sensor. This product comes in a beautiful packing, making it a perfect gift for bridal showers or housewarming event. So, either get yourself one or gift your loved ones this amazing coffee scale.

  • Easy multi-tasking scale
  • 3-weighing units
  • Waterproof silicon pad
  • Noise-free
  • Not user-friendly auto-off system
  • Tare button not so durable

Libra Digital Coffee Scale

Just like this one, there are products that serve the purpose of both the coffee scale and kitchen scale. Thus, we bring to you our multi-tasking scale that is equipped to provide high precision. The strain gauge sensor assists in making accurate measurements for your perfect brew.

The digital black scales for the perfect coffee weighing offers the precision of 0.1 grams. It can be used for weighing up to 3kg of various units. The LED display is back-lit enabled for easy readability of measurement units, and settings change. The switch of units can be made from grams to ml or ounce, depending upon what you’re using.

It also comes with a timer with auto turn off settings. This ensures the battery of the machine doesn’t drain out too quickly when not in use. It is pre-set at 2mins of time-out, but this doesn’t come with a resetting option without switching off the whole scale.

This stylish, sleek digital scale makes your work easier and provides satisfying results. It is durable and lightweight for long term use. It is as well reasonably priced with a minimalistic design that will become the attraction of your kitchen. The machine can be easily fit in an even smaller kitchen, thus occupying the least space. All in all, at this price and with incredible features, this product is a must buy.

  • Multi-tasking scale
  • LED display
  • Minimalistic design
  • Durable and lightweight
  • Touch display not good
  • No timer reset setting

TIMEMORE Digital Coffee Scales With Timer

This best digital scale 0.1 gram accuracy offers great precision in terms of easy to measure ratios.  This sleek black colored scale has a matte finish that makes it look stylish. Also, the LED display goes off when the timer is turned off, which gives it a somewhat stylish black mirror look.

This scale is quite efficient in saving energy as it is set for automatic power-off within three minutes of timer inactivity. Additionally, if you also forgot to turn off the timer, the machine on it switches off after 100 minutes of no activity. This as well ensures the longevity of battery life. The integrated timer offers better assistance in measurement scales.

The power buttons are quite sensitive, so you might have to be extra careful with them. Also, a warranty certificate is delivered along with the package with a user manual to guide you in setting the scale. You can as well turn off the power on sound by following the manual. 

 The striking feature of the product is that it includes a user-rechargeable 1600mAh lithium battery. The company delivers a Type-C USB cable along with the machine for charging the battery. Thus, no more paying extra for a battery change or charging cable. With such great accuracy and reasonable product, this scale makes way to our best coffee scale products. 

  • 0.1 gram accuracy
  • Stylish display
  • Auto power off
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Not waterproof
  • USB cable not of durable quality

Bottom Line

There is a huge range of coffee scales that will offer the best consistency in coffee-making. But the best coffee scale would be the one that meets all your requirements and works for you. As we have listed in our buyer’s guide, it is essential to look out for all the features before buying a coffee scale.  

If you are still wondering which is the best coffee scale for the perfect brew, then we have a winner. The ERAVSOW Coffee Scale with Timer is our best choice among the range of coffee scales. 

The product is a stylish addition to your kitchen accessories and excels in offering consistency. The ideal automatic power off setting after 5 minutes extends battery life as well as makes the scale easy-to-use. Besides, the coffee scale is priced at a reasonable amount with unbeatable features. Especially the 1-year warranty makes the product a worthy winner. 

At last, we would say that choosing a coffee scale depends a lot on your personal requirements and taste. Therefore, go ahead and pick the best coffee scale for the perfect brew to set your morning mood.