Best Cold Brew Coffee Pitchers in 2021 (Extensive Buying Guide & Review)

Coffee shops will charge you an arm and a leg for a satisfying glass of iced coffee. Buying a cold brew pitcher can enable you to whip up your cold coffee in a fraction of seconds. 

If speed isn’t the only proximity for you, then you will find many affordable options on the market.

How To Choose Cold Brew Pitchers?

The cold brew pitcher you choose should go with your everyday caffeine consumption and the way you prefer making it. 

Let’s take a look at the factors you should consider before purchasing a cold brew pitcher. 

Shape And Size Of The Pitcher 

Cold brew requires you to use much more coffee ground than regular blends for the high concentration. As a result, the pitcher size should be big enough to hold that amount of brew. 

Some pitchers come with a wider circumference, while others are taller in shape to fit the necessary amount. They also come in varying volumes. 

Choose the shape and size of cold brew pitchers depending on your quantity of consumption and the shelf space you have in your refrigerator for storage. 

Type Of Filter

Some cold brew pitchers have a paper coffee strainer, while others have a mesh net. 

Paper filters help bring a better texture to the coffee without any sediment residue in the drink. Mesh strainers sometimes let a few tiny coffee grounds pass through.

On the other hand, paper filters can be hard to clean up, even more so if they break. Mesh filters do not have such a risk. You can give them a customary wash to clean. 

Ease Of Use 

Depending on how much of a caffeine pro you are, there are cold brew pitcher models with varying levels of usage complexity. 

Some brewers require the user to have an understanding of grind consistency and brewing techniques, while some other pitchers, you can just steep coffee and forget about it. 

Based on how much time you want to invest in the brewing process 

How To Use Cold Brew Pitchers?

Making cold brew using a pitcher is very easy. You would require – 

  • The cold brew pitcher 
  • Finely ground coffee
  • Strainer, in case your pitcher does not come with one.
  • Water 

You can grind your coffee at home using top quality coffee beans if you do not like the roasts available in the market. 

Pour coffee and room temperature or colder water into the pitcher. Get the coffee and water ratio correct. It should ideally be 1-part coffee and 8-parts water. 

Cover the pitcher and keep it inside the refrigerator for 12-20 hours. The longer you soak, the stronger the brew will be. 

Filter out the coffee after the steeping time is over and throw away the grounds. Your cup of thick, rich, flavorsome cold brew is ready!

Now, different cold brew pitcher models come with different features and timers that you can experiment with. But this is more or less the basic procedure. 

How Is Cold Brew Different From Iced Coffee?

Cold Brew bumped off Iced Coffee on the menu of several cafes around the world as the preferred beverage of coffee lovers on a summer day. The reason a lot of people made the switch is the health benefit and better flavor of cold brew. 

Jim Munson, the CEO of Brooklyn Roasting Company, explained that iced coffee was merely regular hot coffee poured over ice. The process not only diluted the flavor of coffee, but the bitterness went up as the drink cooled down. 

With cold brew, the beverage is made by steeping coffee grounds in room temperature or cooler water for 24 hours. The coffee to water ratio is comparatively higher to make up for the low extraction rate of colder water. 

But the process results in a stronger, less bitter, smooth concoction. 

When it comes to health benefits, the lesser acidity of cold-brewed coffee makes it easier for the stomach to digest. However, when it comes to caffeine intake, cold brew has a higher concentration than iced coffee. 

Although every cup of every brand varies, on average, a 16 oz. iced coffee from Starbucks has approximately 165mg of caffeine. The same quantity of cold brew will have around 205mg of caffeine. 

Are There Alternative Ways Of Making Cold Brew?

Whether you use a specified product or simply a glass coffee pot to steep, the procedure of making cold brew remains the same. 

Instead of a pitcher or a French press, you can also use a big enough mason jar with a cheesecloth or a Toddy cold brew system to make the drink. 

With proper making and some garnish, all three methods of cold brew making will create delightful end results. 

Review Of 6 Best Cold Brew Pitchers

Takeya Patented Cold Brew Coffee Pitcher

The deluxe cold brew pitcher from Takeya offers an easy way to strain coffee at room temperature while brewing cold coffee. 

If you wish to sip on some hot coffee or tea, this glass coffee pot from Takeya can also serve as a tea or hot coffee infuser. It is an airtight BPA-Free Tritan coffee maker with a 4-servings capacity. 

To offer an extra layer of filtration, Takeya deluxe comes with a fine-mesh filter to keep your freshly brewed pot free of grounds. The Tritan plastic material can withstand high temperatures to fill your cup with hot coffee. 


  • Comes in multiple sizes and helps to keep the grounds off your freshly brewed coffee
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Delivers sweet, strong coffee with deliciously reduced acidic levels 
  • Has a sturdy built and is incredibly durable
  • BPA free hydration coffee pitcher will keep your coffee fresh and cool
  • Stylish glass carafe will add a stylish look to your home
  • Compact style of the coffee pitcher will easily fit in your refrigerator
  • Airtight lid is ideal for side storage or shaking
  • Leaf-proof innovative technology will ensure you the greatest perfection
  • Silicone grip comes with a no-slip grip for easy transport and handling 
  • Stainless-steel pitcher body is made from high-quality material
  • Pitcher is cloud and odor-proof with incredible durability
  • Can withstand all temperatures ranging from boiling hot to ice cold


  • Soft plastic material on the handle is not quite durable

Cuisinart Automatic Cold Brew Pitcher DCB-10

Enjoy authentic cold coffee with Cuisinart in minutes. It comes with three strength options and can brew up to 7 delicious cups of cold brew. You can also refrigerate your glass carafe and enjoy the fresh flavor for around 2 weeks. 

Have a silky smooth, superior cold brew by purchasing the Cuisinart coffee maker with grinder. The innovative technology of Cuisinart will speed the brewing time and deliver hot or cold coffee in seconds. 

It replaces heat by brewing your coffee at lower temperatures to offer reduced bitter flavors. The customized control feature will allow you to choose and adjust your favorite flavor. 


  • The three filters deliver a no sediment brew that is rich, silky smooth, and superior in taste
  • It allows you to have your brew right away or refrigerate it for a later date
  • All the removable parts of the coffee pitcher are dishwasher safe
  • It provides a sweeter and concentrated brew
  • It easily tackles all the gritty grounds and provides a wonderfully flavorful drink
  • The wide mouth of the coffee strainer allows you to grind the coffee without creating a mess
  • The airtight lid will make the coffee taste fresh for up to 2 weeks 
  • It automatically brews your coffee within 25-30 minutes and is easy to clean 
  • It works equally well for both coarse ground and regular ground coffee 
  • The plastic body offers easy maintenance without the need for frequent replacements 


  • Some brew may often accumulate under the removable water tank, which calls for extra cleaning
  • The filter doesn’t come with an incredible durability 

Hario Mizudashi Coffee Pot

Making a permanent place in everyone’s home, the Hario cold brew pitcher offers easy access to cold coffee enjoyment. 

If you are tired of coffee makers offering a gritty drink, then this Hario cold brew pitcher is for you. The extra level of advanced filtration will provide you with the smoothest cup of coffee. 

It delivers your coffee in a ridiculously short time and is ideal for the lazy heads. Despite its compact structure, this coffee pitcher brews your beverages equally concentrated. 

The slim profile of the coffee maker makes it ideal for people with small storage spaces. 


  • It has a simple setup and requires no replacement filters
  • It comes with a heat-resistant glass to brew hot as well cold coffee
  • The reusable filter will save your money and is easy to maintain
  • The slender spout facilitates three types of pouring – controlled, steady and slow
  • The high-quality glass comes at an unimaginable low price to suit everyone’s budget
  • It is ideal for heartburn sufferers as it delivers less acidic coffee that is light on your stomach 
  • The filter is made of a hard plastic that offers great durability
  • The superfine filter mesh extracts out all sediments


  • It has a glass body, which makes it fragile and delicate
  • You need to handle the cold brew pitcher carefully to prevent breakage or damage

Ovalware airtight iced coffee maker

If you are not willing to spend on premium brands like KitchenAid coffee maker pots, then this is your perfect choice. It comes in two sizes – 1 liter and 1.5 liters. The stainless steel and glass body comes with BPA free silicone technology. 

Ovalware strives to bring the pleasure and beauty of manually brewing your delicious cup of coffee or tea. 

The access handle ensures smooth pouring without any mess. The measurement level provides the scope for precise pouring. The super thick borosilicate glass boasts of enhanced durability. 


  • The stainless cap and filter come with a rustproof guarantee
  • The airtight lid will lock the fresh flavor and protect your coffee from the bad fridge odors
  • It comes with a commendable precision level to deliver coffee that feels rich and strong
  • The laser-cut filter allows you to unlock the rich flavors while positioning the grounds correctly
  • The high-grade glass carafe and cup will enable you to brew your perfect coffee minus the scale
  • The extra thick glass will provide the maximum temperature stability
  • It offers up to 70% acidic brewing to maintain your health


  • It brews coffee, not a strong coffee concentrate
  • The delicate glass body calls for better care and maintenance 

Bodum Cold Brew Pitcher 1.5 Liters

If you wish to have quality cold-brewed coffee every day without spending hundreds, then this Bodum cold brew pitcher is your go-to partner. 

All you need to do is add some filtered water to your brew and stir it. Place the airtight lid on the glass carafe and let it brew for about a day at room temperature. You can also refrigerate your brew to get that creamy cold brew texture.

The cold brew pitcher from Bodum comes with two different lids – one with a plunger that will press down the grounds at room temperature in the morning and another for the fridge. 


  • It comes in various eye-catching colors and features a blend of silicone, stainless steel, and plastic body
  • The innovative locking lid design will prevent spills and maintain the temperature of your brew
  • It eliminates the need for paper filters and delivers more flavor to your cold brew 
  • The coffee grounds won’t get stuck in places and offers easy cleaning
  • You can adjust the coffee strength, boldness, and flavor
  • The French press technology allows the brew to develop overnight
  • The coffee is of excellent taste and quality
  • It is pocket friendly and jam-packed with top-notch features


  • The mesh is not super-fine and you may find a very small amount of coffee grounds
  • It is cumbersome to store given the number of lids and size

Asobu Portable Cold Brew Pitcher with a Vacuum

If you are looking for a strong, portable cold brew maker, then the Asobu cold brew pitcher has got your back. Enjoy 4 variants for on-the-go carafes with copper, black, silver, and white color options. 

Add cold filtered water to your coarsely ground coffee and lose yourself in the rich flavor of the freshly brewed coffee. Make your coffee and cover it with the stainless-steel lid to go about your day. 

Ditch your acidic hot coffee for this deliciously pleasant cold brew with Asobu. It will make you forget about the bitter and diluted standards of coffee.


  • The insulated portable cold brew pitcher boasts of the latest innovation and sturdiness
  • The easy on the go mug comes with spill-proof technology so that you can sip your favorite cup of coffee anywhere, anytime
  • The fine mesh will eliminate all granules before the brew reaches your cup
  • The leak-proof lid comes with a double-walled insulated copper construction to deliver fresh cold brew for hours
  • It has a compact design for easy storage
  • The product gives off a luxurious look and comes with solid components
  • The rubber seals can be easily reset in their original positions without any hassle
  • It is incredibly functional for people who are always on the go


  • You may face a lid spin issue after a certain period of usage
  • If the lid is not sealed properly, the coffee may spill slowly all over the place

The Bottom Line

After going through hundreds of cold brew pitchers, we found that the Takeya Patented coffee maker is the most popular. It will not only grab your eyes with its aesthetics but also offer optimum functionality. 

The superfine reusable mesh filter won’t let any granules to stay behind in your cup of coffee. 

The Cuisinart coffee maker comes with three layers of filters but it is a premium brand. If you are willing to spend $80-$100, then the Cuisinart cold brew pitcher will be ideal for you. 

However, most people are not willing to dig a hole in their pockets. The Takeya Deluxe coffee maker comes at a much lower price yet offers almost the same level of filtration and richness of flavors.

The Bodum coffee brew is the most affordable choice but it doesn’t feature a super-fine mesh. It is difficult to store, unlike the Takeya Patented cold brew pitcher. The Takeya cold brew pitcher is cloud, stain, and odor-resistant, which makes the ideal choice for every household. 

The high-quality steel body will not break easily and will offer greater value for money. It is a perfect blend of durability, functionality, and affordability.