5 Reasons Why An Expensive Coffee Grinder Is Worth It

A coffee grinder is designed to help you make the perfect espresso. However, you need to choose the best grinder in order to achieve such perfection. This is why we’re going to talk about why is an expensive coffee grinder worth it and how does it help you create the ultimate blend for your everyday coffee.

The grind is as important as your espresso, so it’s only worth it to get an expensive yet high-quality grinder that can give you finer grinds. Unlike those crappy grinders, a high-ticket grinder churns out even grinds without the clumps. Most importantly, expensive coffee grinders last longer than cheap models.

Once you realize that expensive coffee grinders are worth your money, you can enjoy perfectly ground coffee that is evenly distributed in the container. So read on to learn more about the main reasons why you should invest in a good grinder to brew the perfect shot of espresso.

Does A Good Coffee Grinder Really Make A Difference?

Having a good coffee grinder at home allows you to enjoy a fresh shot of espresso anytime you want. While pre-ground coffee may be convenient, coffee only stays fresh for 30 minutes after grinding. Coffee beans, on the other hand, are only as good as fresh ones within two weeks of roasting.

If it’s a big deal for you to have freshly ground coffee every morning, a good coffee grinder really makes a difference. For instance, you may have a discerning taste and you must get the same flavor as the one from your favorite cafe.

With your grinder, you can be your own professional barista. You can enjoy your coffee with finer ground results rather than purchasing pre-ground packs from grocery stores. This also helps you save money by producing the right grind you want for your espresso.

When it comes to choosing a coffee grinder, it usually depends on individual preferences. However, there are certain factors that you should consider when buying a grinder for your coffee needs. For example, you need to choose between the two types of coffee grinders namely: burr and blade.

Coffee lovers often spend hundreds to thousands of dollars to get the exact type of machine they need for their desired ground coffee. This is where deciding on which to buy between burr and blade comes into play.

Blade coffee grinders are designed with two-sided blades to chop up roasted beans which results in uneven grinds, while burrs effectively grind beans consistently and evenly using its serrated discs. If you really love coffee, it’s so easy to tell the difference between these two machines.

Is Grinding Coffee Beans On Your Own Worth It?

It’s worth grinding coffee beans on your own because it gives you a fresher and more aromatic flavor than store-bought coffee. If you use a high-end unit, you can get a superior quality control than substandard grinders.

If you’re using a burr grinder, this type of machine spins at a higher speed so the grinds it produces are finer and taste much better. This is why it’s important to consider spending a little bit more on your coffee grinder for satisfying results.

The coating in a high-quality grinder keeps the roasted beans cool while grinding. In addition, it also maintains low retention during the entire process while preventing oxidation of remaining grinds.

When making coffee, a fine grind is important. Perhaps, you’re wondering how fine. The best way to determine your coffee ground is fine enough to give an excellent flavor is to pinch it between your forefinger and thumb.

The grinds will clump a bit when you add more pressure at the center of your fingertips. If there’s no clamping at all, it only means that your coffee is too coarse; an ingredient for a weak espresso shot. On the other hand, excessive clumping indicates too fine grinds and may result in over-extraction.

Knowing the right way to produce fine ground coffee is definitely worth your time and energy. From the freshness of roasted coffee beans to the aroma of consistently ground coffee, there’s no better way to enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning.

Why Is Coffee Grinder So Expensive And Still Worth It?

The price tag of a coffee grinder primarily depends on the materials and features it offers. Usually, the quality of grinders determines coffee bean texture and the final brew’s flavor and aroma. An expensive grinder doesn’t make a loud noise and produces uniform grinds.

While the beans are broken down, you can expect consistent texture from hi-tech units. There may be cheaper manual burrs, but the components are likely to be low-quality and have a short lifespan. If you’re considering mid-level coffee grinders, you can surely find a decent product that offers great features.

The thing is, the best coffee grinders are often more expensive than crappy units for obvious reasons:

  • Consistency. They produce consistent grinds.
  • Durability. They are more durable and last longer.
  • Quality. The grinds stay cool and fresh.
  • Features. Advanced features like auto shut-off and speed settings.
  • Construction. Attractive design and replaceable parts like blades.

Expensive grinders offer some features that typical models don’t have. The more advanced the coffee grinder is, the higher the price tag that comes with it. For example, burr grinders offer a more competitive edge than other units when it comes to pressure, grind, and tamp.

Grinders that produce poor shots usually have some distribution issues. The grinds should be evenly dispersed in the portafilter in order to get proper distribution. Poorly dispersed grinds result in coffee shots that may appear decent within several seconds and then turn into light blonde right after.

When that happens, the water won’t extract flavor evenly, therefore giving you a final shot that tastes awful. You can avoid poor distribution by spreading the grinds uniformly while filling any crack and pushing them to the side.

Finer grinds are essential for your coffee because the pressure extracts as much espresso from the roasted beans as possible. More often than not, fine grinds give quality extraction because there’s more surface that allows the water to move through the coffee beans.

How Much Should You Pay For A Coffee Grinder?

The amount of money you should spend on a coffee grinder depends on what you exactly need. You can find affordable coffee grinders in cheap grocery stores and only pay a few bucks. However, these machines are usually bladed grinders that are made with simple mechanisms.

Such machines create noises and may not give you consistent grinds. If you touch the ground coffee, they tend to have inconsistent texture and clumps. Manual burrs, for example, may function well but could only last a few months due to low-quality parts.

If you’re willing to spend some big money, you can opt for high-end coffee grinders that feature automatic shut-off and other modern settings. These grinders are made with premium materials to provide automated convenience for users.

High-end machines cost hundred dollars, but they are bigger than those cheap coffee grinders out there. The significantly larger size makes them ideal in processing whole batches in one go. Also, these grinders are often found in coffee shops and other commercial use.

Spending money on the right kitchen appliance is essential because coffee grinders can take up more space. More importantly, check for the contents that will help the machine last longer before purchasing:

  • Smooth and silent motor
  • Easy to clean and maintain parts
  • Simple yet smart features
  • Sturdy buttons and hand crank
  • Metal construction
  • Durable internal structure
  • Metal burrs or propellers

You can spend a lot of money on your ideal coffee grinder to improve your espresso shots. However, an expensive price doesn’t always guarantee consistently even grinds. Therefore, you really need to consider the materials, features, and overall performance of the machine before you buy.

Do You Need An Expensive Coffee Grinder?

Whether you’re planning to buy a manual burr grinder or an automatic blade coffee grinder, make sure to consider the features of the unit and its overall construction. The design of the machine determines the quality of coffee you will make.

Remember, the best espresso needs to balance some important factors such as the grind, pressure, tamp, and coffee. You should focus more on making everything work in balance than just about making things right in order to make the best coffee drink.

If you’re a certified coffee lover who wants to learn about the different bean varieties and flavors, it’s helpful to have a grinder that produces evenly grounded roasted beans. You cannot enjoy the real flavor of coffee with poorly grounded coffee beans.

The best grinders are built to last and designed to produce finer grinds each time you turn on the machine. While you don’t necessarily have to spend more dollars to get a decent coffee grinder, choosing a good unit that provides consistent results makes a difference.