What Is Breakfast Blend Coffee? Things You Should Know

Well, everyone can acknowledge the fact that almost all coffee mixes are a little perplexing on occasions. However, a coffee guru can’t be called one unless they’ve tried one of the most popular blends. So, what exactly is breakfast blend coffee?

One feature that morning blends have in common is that they are lighter than the typical medium roast coffee.

Here in this article, we will explore breakfast blend coffee and discuss it further. 

What Is Breakfast Blend Coffee?

Every coffee blend, by default, has its own distinct flavor and fragrance characteristics, depending on the specific mix selected by the roaster. However, various breakfast mixes do have a few similar elements.

They are less bitter, for instance, with a well-balanced and uncomplicated profile. As a result, any particular blend may suit a diverse group of early-morning coffee lovers.

They are also somewhat acidic, although not excessively so. They’ve been designed to deliver an easy-going, fairly neutral coffee experience that won’t overwhelm you.

Breakfast Blend Coffee – Brief History

It all began in the United States around 1988, while Starbucks presented the world to its ground coffee known as breakfast blend medium. The business aimed to provide a softer taste that would cater to those who found black brewed too powerful.

As an outcome, this original mix looked lighter in shade than the previous coffee blends, and it also tasted better.

Unexpectedly, the roasting process used for this blend has been a lighter roast, resulting in a gentler and much more equal body.

Why Is It Called Breakfast Blend Coffee?

Because the majority of coffee lovers quite like this well-balanced,  smooth, and pleasantly acidic taste to begin their day. But on the other side, the term blend refers to the many roast varieties developed by coffee makers.

As a result, you can choose a light to medium blend of coffee to obtain the ideal balance of flavor and intensity.

What Type Of Coffee Is Used In Breakfast Blend Coffee?

Most of the time, a combination of Colombian,  Brazilian, Central American, and Indonesian coffee is good for breakfast.

The first two coffees are much more balanced, whereas the last two have such a higher amount of acid. To achieve the best results, roasters combine multiple types into a single batch for distinct quality and aroma character.

As a result, the finished product incorporates a small amount of every coffee bean variety.

However, because each brewer aims to offer various notes and tastes, we can’t give a comprehensive explanation of the specific varieties of coffee they are using.

Is This Coffee Blend Only For Breakfast?

Certainly not, regardless of what the label implies.

The morning mix offers a distinct taste and texture that almost all people may appreciate all through the day. This indicates you may have your morning mix coffee at lunchtime or after dinner, not only for breakfast.

What Is The Caffeine Content Of Morning Blend Coffee?

Robusta coffee beans have about 2.2 percent caffeine per cup, whereas Arabica morning coffee bean mixes include around 1.2 percent caffeine.

To put it into context, the average morning blend has a caffeine level of about 75 to 150 mg.

Because the morning mixes are light roasted, coffee roasters don’t really process the coffee beans as much as they do for these other blends. As a result, although having a softer flavor than other roasts, a lighter breakfast mix has more caffeine.

Is Breakfast Blend More Powerful Than Medium Roast?

When caffeine doses are considered, the answer is yes.

Even though the lighter tint of the breakfast mix may fool you, the truth would be that it contains far more caffeine compared to the medium roast. Surprisingly, a morning mix is also stronger than dark roasts.

What Is The Calorie Content Of Breakfast Blend Coffee?

On average, an 8-ounce serving of breakfast mix has about 8 kcal to 136 kcal, while the specific quantity of calories varies on the components.

Remember that a teaspoon of granulated ordinary sugar would add approximately 16 calories to your morning mix. A splash of nonfat milk contributes roughly 22 kcal per cup and putting syrup or cream for flavorings increases the calorie count even further.

Meanwhile, because the morning mix is moderate and vibrant, you may consider it quite drinkable without the addition of sugar and milk.

How Is Breakfast Blend Coffee Roasted?

Green beans are the raw material from which all coffee beans are made. Beans get their flavor and color characteristics from the roasting phase. When thoroughly dried, beans are placed in the roaster, in which the initial outer shell of the beans is ripped open.

The morning mix strives for a mild to medium roast intensity.

What Does Breakfast Blend Coffee Taste Like?

To be honest, every brand tastes somewhat distinct. But that’s perfectly fine. The common thread will still be the same.

A breakfast mix isn’t overly filling. It doesn’t have an overpowering or heavy flavor. It’s designed to become a coffee that you can drink once you just get up, as not everyone prefers a strong coffee early in the morning. It isn’t a harsh, brash flavor that takes time to grow used to.

It is a tried-and-true combination that is suitable for everyone.

Commercial Breakfast Blend Options

Green Mountain Coffee Breakfast Blend

Green Mountain’s Breakfast Blend is quite prominent among Keurig users worldwide.

It’s a very clear, brilliant brew with a delicate, somewhat nutty flavor. The coffee beans used in manufacturing are 100% pure Arabica, and Green Mountain, as a firm, is devoted to long-term sustainability.

Starbucks Breakfast Blend

Whatever your feelings are about Starbucks’ hegemony over the coffee scene, you shouldn’t doubt the excellence of their morning mix.

It is a medium roasted coffee featuring citrus undertones. If you never had it before, you can always go to Starbucks and see if it’s to your liking.

Kirkland Signature Breakfast Blend

To start, keep in mind that Kirkland’s Breakfast Blend goes in a large box. Before you put anything in your cart, take a look at the pricing! This coffee mix is not as fantastic as the other two I’ve mentioned in this post, however, you can still give it a try.

Wrapping Up

If you’re searching for a coffee with an acidic light roast and a lemony, clean flavor, a morning mix coffee seems to be for you! Plus, since morning mixes are accessible from different larger brand names, like Starbucks, and even Folgers, possibilities are you’ll find one that works wonderfully for you. Therefore, experiment with a breakfast combination. It might become your new favorite method to get out of bed in the morning!

Breakfast mixes will provide you with a milder coffee experience.