Is Cold Brew Coffee Less Acidic? 3 Things To Consider

Can you start your day without coffee? It seems impossible to get more health benefits and preventing heartburn. It would help if you moved to cold brew coffee. Yes, cold brew coffee is less acidic because cold coffee is maintained at cold temperatures during the brew. It causes oils in beans not to let go that results in a fair fight with IBS symptoms, and provides a smoother and sweeter taste.  

I would like to justify with the below-given research that cold brew coffee is less acidic.

Although cold brew coffee is less acidic but regular use of coffee can bring harm. According to registered Dietician Sonya Angelone, spokesperson for Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, San Francisco, “She explores different researches conducted to explore coffee benefits. Most investigations suggest that cold-brewed coffee consists of antioxidants and maximizes health benefits. Conversely, regular intake of coffee may trigger health problems.”

Is cold brew coffee better for acid reflux?

As cold brew incorporates caffeine in a lower amount and is less acidic, it is preferable for Gerd or heartburn individuals. Let me explain how cold brew coffee is better for acid reflux. Some coffee brands prepare coffee beans to contain less acid but hold on to the full flavor. For reducing the amount of acidity in coffee beans, brands roast beans slowly. Cold coffee brew could be acid refluxing if coffee brands reduce acidity levels by removing the waxy outer layer before roasting.

Cold-brew has become a favorite and getting more famous with coffee drinkers. Cold-brew coffee gives a less bitter taste, and many people with acid reflux use this coffee. Cold brewing can counteract the acid in coffee by using cold water. That results in less acid remains in the finished brew.

Acid Upsets Stomach

Acid brings worse results for the stomach and mouth. Drinking less acidic coffee leads to better outcomes. Cold coffee is the best option to save from acid reflux.

Coffee with Extended Flavor

Less acid brings more flavors to the coffee. Cold brew coffee has more benefits include in better taste, low acid, and more coffee flavors. Cold-brew coffee’s chemistry does not change when it cools because it has not been hot. Additionally, when cold brew coffee gets old, it goes stale and remains in the same flavor as fresh.

I researched further and found the following proof from the research paper published in an authentic journal. 

The research conducted by Niny Z. Rao and Megan Fuller that reveals” fundamental differences between hot and cold brew coffee. Both forms of coffee have different health implications.”

Most of the researchers claim that cold brew coffee is less acidic. Therefore it is suitable for individuals with gastrointestinal symptoms. 

The study proposes that” hot brew coffee has more acids as compared with cold brew coffee. Moreover, hot brew coffee contains a more complex chemical composition.”

Why does cold brew have less acid?

I gathered evidence that why cold brew coffee is inclined to have low acids. The coffee brands use cold Water and oil of coffee that contains acid that does not penetrate the mixture. The coffee becomes less acidic by changing the temperature of brewing.

I came across that when coffee grounds are exposed to hot water that liberates oils from the ground that do not have the quality to dissolve in lower temperatures of water. This oil contains a high amount of acidic components during the heating of water and coffee grounds together.

The evidence I state is taken from a study that Todd Simpson conducted. He says cold brew coffee is 67% less acidic compared with hot brewed coffee.

Let’s talk about the different types of acids.

Acids in the coffee are healthy and unhealthy too. For instance, phosphoric and malic acids bring a sweet taste to coffee. Acetic and critic put on sharp flavor in coffee. It can cause a sour taste when used in excess amounts. Moreover, acids like chlorogenic acid can help reduce weight and prevent weight gain and taste coffee bitter. 

Quinic acid is the worst of all; this acid lets out when you keep leaving coffee for a long time or going coffee on a hot plate for a longer time. This acid, however, brings about digestive problems. But if you use cold coffee instead of hot coffee, these effects of acid neutralize.  

How do you make coffee less acidic?

People who do not like to take coffee that contains acid, especially people experiencing heartburn should avoid acidic drinks.

Here are the ways you can make coffee less acidic.

Use Cold Brewing

The first and foremost way to make coffee less acidic is cold brew coffee. The use and preference of cold brew coffee have grown more these days. These types of coffee machines brew coffee that tastes less bitter balanced. Cold brew coffee is the first choice for people who experience acid reflux or other digestive problems. 

During cold brewing, cold water is used to extract flavors from coffee beans that neutralize acidity. This type of coffee also tastes sweet. 

This method follows the process by soaking ground beans in cold water for almost 24 hours before brewing. But cold water is unable to extract natural acids that are held in coffee. However, this method makes your coffee 70% less acidic.

Brew with Coffee Beans that are low-acidic

You can find beans that contain low-acid. The types of coffee beans grow in natural ways and possess less acid content in them. Moreover, there are plenty of coffee brands that adopt various strategies to make coffee beans less acidic. A different technique that works is when you extend the time for roasting, making it less acidic.

Balance hotness of water

It is essential to control the hotness of water to minimize the amount of acidity in coffee. The reason is hotter water tends to release more oils. As a result, coffee gets more acidic due to fats. However, this way makes your coffee full of flavor and less acidic.

Counterbalance Acids with an Acid Reducer

I drew your attention above to the point that coffee is, however, naturally acidic. An acid reducer can help you neutralize acids to make your coffee having lessened acid. An acid reducer comprises chemicals that assist acids to get balanced. 

You can find acid reducer from local coffee stores at reasonable rates. In addition to that, the acid reducer can lower the level of acidity with not affect flavor. This way prevents your chances of getting heartburn because acidity level will get reduced up to 90%.

Make Use of Egg Shells

You might be aware that eggshells used while brewing coffee and make it less acidic. The process to lower acidity in coffee is simple and easy. I let you know how it works.

Eggshells accommodate alkaline calcium. Simultaneously, you utilize eggshells during coffee brewing, so the alkaline component offsets acids in the ground coffee beans. Additionally, eggshells have the characteristics that they can minimize the bitter taste that takes place owing to the roast of beans.

Select Dark Roasts

I prefer dark roasts as the roasting process of coffee beans influences the nature of color, flavor, and acidic components. If the roast is darker, ultimately, it causes beans to maintain less acid. Darker roasts hold less acid that can help reduce the level of acidity in coffee.


As per my perspective, cold brew coffee carries significantly less acid compared with hot brew coffee. It has a small amount of natural acid that may not be extremely harmful if coffee is consumed on a moderate level. Excessive consumption can cause serious health issues. However, cold brew coffee is a more acceptable choice for individuals suffering from acid reflux, GERD, or heartburn.

As I justified the research and scientific evidence supporting the claim that cold brew coffee is significantly less acidic.