4 Reasons Why Cold Brew Coffee Is Best For You

Are you also among 64% of the population who cannot start their day without a cup of coffee? If yes, then it’s natural for you to be puzzled about your coffee type! We bet a debate must be going on in your head between cold brew, hot coffee, or even iced coffee but worry not! This blog post will serve as a holy grail answer! 

When it comes to the battle between coffee types, cold brew stands as the winner. Not only cold brew coffee improves your metabolic rate and brain functionality, but it also guarantees to provide excellent protection against heart calamities.

It is known to stabilize your fluctuating blood sugar levels and safeguarding you against diabetes, which can be fatal. Moreover, if you’re struggling with stomach acidity problems, then cold brew coffee can be your best friend! A fun fact about cold brew coffee, it can lift your mood to a cloud 9 due to caffeine content, meaning extra energy and extra productivity, all with a smile on your face! 

What Makes Cold Brew Coffee Special?

Sure the extra caffeine content and prevention from diseases make cold brew coffee a strong candidate among the rest, but you must be wondering what makes it so special? What exceptional spark it has to occupy your coffee jars? Well, buckle up; the facts we’re about to state will make you rush to your kitchens! 

Cold brew coffee takes the limelight because of its magnificent indigenous flavor. The flavourous aspect of cold brew coffee arises from its brewing process. Cold brew coffee requires pure coffee beans to be soaked in ice-cold water for about 12-20 hours, allowing time to extract out all the natural flavors of the coffee beans. This halts the coffee beans from eliminating the nutrients responsible for the bitterness of the coffee. So the end product is not only delectable but also free of bitterness! The non-bitter nature of cold brew coffee promises to convert non-coffee drinkers into coffee lovers!

Another perk of cold brew coffee lies in its flexible storage nature. You can brew it on weekends, and it’ll last all week! Cold brew coffee produces little or no concentrate waste since it prevents the release of bitter elements. So instead of getting bitter over time like traditionally brewed coffees, cold brew coffee remains scrumptious till the last drop! The brewing process also does not require much technique, which is why cold brew coffee is absolutely adored among the packed schedules. 

Cold brew coffee is often mistaken to be consumed only when it’s cold because of its name. But we assure you, that’s not the case! Cold brew coffee is only brewed in iced cold water but can be served both hot and cold. You can either top it up with some ice or give it a spin in the micro-oven on the go! 

The fact which makes cold brew coffee extremely popular is because of its contribution to weight loss. It will give you the auxiliary caffeine kick to get you in your workout zone. Just have a cup or two before your workout and witness the amazing results! Trust us; cold brew coffee is going to be your fav workout partner! 

What Makes Cold Brew Coffee Better?

Still not convinced about the wonders of cold brew coffee? Well, we’re not giving up either! It’s in human nature to feel hesitant towards unconventional ways. But cold brew coffee will take all your doubts away! 

When cold brew coffee is compared to other types of coffee, such as hot or iced coffee, then the championship trophy is secured by cold brew coffee.

Cold brew coffee is about 30% cheaper than iced coffee and a lot cheaper than hot coffee as well. The amount of money you spend on Starbucks daily for your caffeine intake can easily and economically be substituted by cold brew coffee with no compromise on flavor. As mentioned earlier, cold brew coffee is extremely rich in flavor, and this fact remains true compared to hot and iced coffee.

When coffee beans are brewed at high temperatures, they are forced to release the bitter elements non-existent in cold brew coffee. If you still are craving for the Starbucks sensation, then top it off with some whipped cream, and you won’t know the difference! 

Another motive why cold brew coffee is better than hot coffee lies in its antioxidant elements. Cold brew coffee contains a large concentration of such antioxidants, which act as anti-aging compounds. These antioxidants are absent in hot coffee due to the brewing procedure. So cold brew coffee not only promises you to taste but also evergreen youth!

Is Cold Brew Coffee Fattening?

A common question often asked by coffee drinkers when searching for the ideal coffee type is the effect the coffee would have on their weight. Fortunately, cold brew coffee could be your companion when it comes to opting for a coffee type, which causes the least fattening.

A misconception about cold brew coffee is that it causes fattening since the coffee beans are not roasted. But science proves otherwise. Since coffee beans in cold brew coffee are not heated or roasted but rather subjected to a cold treatment, this ensures that coffee beans are not drained from the nutrients that will contribute to metabolism. Cold brew coffee is proven to enhance metabolism by increasing the metabolic rate by 11%. The higher the metabolic rate, the more calorie burning. This increase will make sure to burn more calories and fat, even during the resting positions. A high metabolic rate can also guarantee proper digestion of food, thus avoiding food cumulation. 

As discussed above, cold brew coffee contains higher caffeine content as compared to hot or iced coffee. Hence it will provide you with more energy for your fitness training. 

Weightloss and less fattening with just a cup of coffee? Now isn’t that a dream come true! 

What Are The Health Benefits of Cold Brew Coffee?

Beverages are all shiny and sparkling until it comes to the health benefits. Luckily, cold brew coffee here wins again! Cold brew coffee is the only type of coffee, providing plenty of health benefits and circulating every health domain. 

Often a health complication which every coffee drinker encounters is related to the stomach. The strong caffeine boost provided by coffee triggers the stomach’s acidic sensitivity, causing severe irritation in the stomach and esophagus and several bathroom trips! But here’s the catch, coffee drinkers! You can stay caffeinated and avoid bathroom trips by drinking cold brew coffee. Scientifically, it is proven that cold brew coffee is 65% less acidic than other coffee types, thus shielding the stomach, esophagus, teeth, and other acidic sensitive areas of your body. This advantage of cold brew coffee lies all in its brewing process. You would definitely think twice before drinking another coffee type!

Cold brew coffee is also extremely beneficial for the health of the heart. It stabilizes blood sugar levels and prevents not only type-2 diabetes but also lethal heart problems such as heart attack or arteries blockage. By drinking at least 4 cups of cold brew coffee daily, you can reduce the risk of heart diseases by 15%. However, don’t go too overboard. Too much caffeine intake (more than 4 cups) can worsen, especially if your blood pressure is not stable.  

We mentioned earlier that cold brew coffee increases brain functionality. But how? Caffeine stimulates your nervous system and keeps your brain healthy and active. The high caffeine content of cold brew coffee can protect you from brain illnesses, such as dementia and other problems that may occur by age. Moreover, the anti-aging compounds of cold brew coffee definitely give it some brownie points! 

The speedy metabolism, healthy stomach, secured heart, balanced blood sugar levels, and active brain all declare that cold brew coffee is the most favorable in health than other coffee types. 

Final thoughts

Well, that sure is a lot of information to digest! But it is quite evident that cold brew coffee stands above the rest. We know there still might be a small element of doubt in your mind before clearing up your coffee jars, so we concluded a test ourselves! We tried drinking both hot and cold brew coffee and witnessed the results of cold brew coffee. Certainly, the flavor was tremendous! And we can safely declare that our kitchen is all stocked with cold brew coffee!

Hoping you found this blog post helpful, and it cleared all your doubts!