Best Gooseneck Kettles For Pour-Over Brewing (Extensive Buying Guide and Reviews – updated 2021)

You have the best coffee beans, the perfect coffee maker, and now you’re stuck with finding a gooseneck kettle. The gooseneck kettle is a classic symbol of manual coffee brewing. Their beautiful swan-like necks, tapered sprouts, and ergonomic handles enhance your brewing methods. 

The best gooseneck kettle will not only be stylish, but they are highly functional. Although you can brew a cup of coffee with a regular hot water kettle, buying a gooseneck will undoubtedly improve your game. Many people believe that the gooseneck kettle is just a gimmick, but only a true coffee-aficionado can tell you why they’re essential. 

In this article, we’ve rounded up some answers that will cater to all your doubts regarding the best gooseneck kettle. Let’s read on to know more about this unique cookware. 

What Is A Gooseneck Kettle? 

Have you ever been to a cafe where they prepare the coffee right in front of you? Their preparation methods, materials, and utensils are so different. You certainly must’ve seen the coffee kettle is a bit different. Their long-neck coffee kettles are not something you will find in a household kitchen. 

These kettles are known as gooseneck kettles. So what exactly is a gooseneck water kettle? This type of kettle will boil water just like the standard kettles, but it has a touch of uniqueness.  The neck of the kettle is curved, narrow yet very long. 

It’s called a goosenecks kettle because the neck of the kettle looks like the neck of a goose. Gooseneck kettles are used for pour-over coffee brewing. A lot of coffeeholic’s swear by this kettle to prepare a better-tasting coffee. 

A Definitive Buyers Guide For Choosing The Best Gooseneck Kettle 

It’s not easy to buy a gooseneck kettle, given the saturation of products in the market. For many, even the thought of purchasing a gooseneck kettle can be perplexing. Worry not, this article will help you to pick the best gooseneck kettle. 

There are a lot of things to consider in your brand-new coffee cookware. A good gooseneck kettle can make or break your cup of coffee. To make sure you have the best product in your hand, consider the following features while hunting for a gooseneck water kettle. 

Is Flow Good? 

Some of the gooseneck water kettles pour slower than their counterparts, while the others are more responsive. You might take some time to get used to quick poring, but if it can’t pour evenly, then it’s not the ideal one. Of course, you don’t want to get hold of a kettle that pours too quickly. 

The main aim of buying a gooseneck coffee kettle is to extract your coffee beans’ flavor evenly. If the kettle is drooling or sloshing at the beginning of the pour, then it is going to ruin your brew. When you are using a gooseneck, an optimal flow rate is vital. 

What Is The Capacity? 

Most goosenecks that are available in the market stick with the same capacity. The usual range is somewhere around 1-liter. However, there may be a few variations. A few decimals here and there can make a big difference. It all depends upon your brewing requirements. 

If you’re a barista of a large coffee-drinking family, then a big size gooseneck water kettle will be much better. A bigger kettle will eliminate the need for refills, which can break your stride.  

The Material Of The Cookware 

The main enemy here is the rust. You must avoid kettles made with inferior materials. Refrain from buying unknown brands that come at very low price points. Such kettles are prone to basic wear and tear. The key here is to look for good brands and durable quality. 

The best gooseneck electric kettle should have a stainless steel construction. That’s why we’ve curated a list of gooseneck kettles that do not only come from great manufacturers but also have excellent quality. Look for features like rust-resistance, non-reactive. 

The Handle Must Be Comfortable 

Using a gooseneck kettle and a pour-over coffee marker requires patience. A gooseneck kettle that is causing trouble while holding can be difficult for delivering a consistent pour. Nowadays, most manufacturers make it a point to make the handles as comfortable as the neck. 

It is crucial to have an ergonomic handle to ensure a good flow. An insulated handle is a cherry on the top. You don’t want to be grabbing a piping hot cookware for a long time, especially when your focus is on maintaining the right consistency. Many people suffer from poorly structured handles, and we don’t want you to make the same mistake. 

Do You Need Extra Features? 

Who doesn’t love extra features? For many coffee lovers, a standard gooseneck kettle will do the job. However, manufacturers are equipping an extra set of unique features to stand out in the competition. The ultimate decision is with you whether you are willing to shell out extra dollars for these features. 

Features like temperature control, digital panels, and electric heating can be costlier, but they are worth the extra amount. Variable temperature control will prevent your coffee from burning. This will amp up the taste of your coffee. 

Did You Know The Gooseneck Kettle Is Not Essential

If you’re wondering whether you need a gooseneck water kettle or not, the answer is maybe. A lot of coffee-drinkers will tell you that it’s not worth the extra expenditure. The gooseneck water kettle is not an essential piece when it comes to coffee-making. However, it can have a significant impact on the final taste. 

Moreover, things are much easier with a gooseneck electric pour over kettle. The kettle offers greater comfort for very slow percolation methods. Since these kettles offer great control, it is easy to replicate good coffee brews. If you are particular about your coffee type, it’s best to invest in a gooseneck water kettle. 

When Should I Use A Gooseneck?

You may be still confused as to where this gooseneck kettle comes into play. The gooseneck kettle is not advantageous in all types of brewing techniques. Before you make a purchase, you need to think about the brewing technique you will use. 

Check out the two brewing methods below and find out how a gooseneck kettle will help you wave off brewing woes. 

Pour-Over Brewing

When you are using a pour-over method to prepare your coffee, you will find the gooseneck kettle very helpful. It is possible to make a good pour-over without a gooseneck, but you might require it for some recipes and methods. The gooseneck offers enhanced control and precision, which calls for some of the hard-to-make coffee recipes. 

A lot of recipes require a specific flowing rate for pouring. This is where your gooseneck kettle will jump in to help. A slow trickle coffee recipe is better with a gooseneck. Preparing these complex recipes can be frustrating with a standard kettle. The next time you feel like having a pour-over, you know what to do. 

Immersion Brewing 

Though there are no significant pros of using a gooseneck for immersive brewing, the Aeropress recipe is an exception. A few coffeeholic’s get a bit fussy when it comes to Aeropress recipes. The more advanced Aeropress recipe calls for great precision. 

The recipe can have vigor amount of stirring, and the agitation of the grounds can also be a concern. For this reason, several people depend on gooseneck electric kettle for immersion brewing. 

What Can A Gooseneck Kettle Do?

A gooseneck kettle is not a hip accessory that the baristas own for keeping it as a showpiece. The gooseneck kettle serves a specific purpose. Do you know how why the barista coffee tastes so much better and rich than the homemade ones? Of course, it’s the technique, but it’s also the equipment. 

Even extraction is a holy grail for brewing coffee. During a pour-over brew, you don’t haphazardly pour the entire water on the layer of coffee grounds. The pour-over brewing method involves being gentle and strategic. An excessive agitation due to heedless pouring can result in an unevenly-extracted coffee. 

A gooseneck water kettle, when used correctly, can offer you good control of the flow. It makes the brewing process much easier as well as hassle-free. The next time you run over a recipe that calls for a specific pouring method, you know what to do.  

Electric V/S. Stovetop Gooseneck Kettles

A gooseneck kettle comes in a variety of sizes and types. The stovetop gooseneck kettles are also known as manual gooseneck kettles. It’s normal to be confused between a stovetop kettle and an electric one. What’s the difference between the two, and does it actually matter? 

With a stovetop or a manual gooseneck, you have to boil the water on another heat source like induction or stovetop. This is the more conventional gooseneck kettle and usually cheaper than electric ones. You have to be more cautious as you have no temperature control on manual gooseneck kettles. 

On the other hand, an electric gooseneck kettle is powered by electricity. Unlike the manual ones, you don’t have to heat the water on a stovetop. This reduces the risk of accidents and also makes the brewing process easier. 

The electric pour over kettle has variable temperature settings. The electric kettles are also great for brewing a cup of tea. The only setback is that these kettles are a bit pricey. 

So which one is better? Well, the electric kettle sounds more convenient and practical. Both options have their pros and cons. Since the electric kettle requires lesser attention, the brewing process has less chance of human errors. This ultimately boils down to individual preferences. 

Keeping Your Gooseneck Kettle Spick And Span 

To ensure that your freshly-brewed coffee tastes great each time, you have to clean the kettle regularly. When it comes to gooseneck kettles, we recommend cleaning every couple of months to prevent a limescale build-up. We’ve listed some simple steps which you can follow to keep your gooseneck kettle clean. 

  • The first step is to mix a kettle-cleaning solution with water and pouring it into the kettle. 
  • Next, you need to let the solution boil in the kettle for some time. 
  • Switch off the kettle, and let the solution soak in it. 
  • The last step is to discard the solution and rinse the kettle with cold water. 

For the outside of the kettle, we suggest that you use antibacterial wipes or a damp cloth. A homemade mixture will work as great as a store-bought solution. 

Reasons You Should But A Gooseneck Kettle For Pour-Over Brewing 

Are you still wondering whether to buy a gooseneck water kettle or not? After you give a read to the reasons mentioned below, we’re sure you will rush to grab a kettle today itself. There are many advantages to using this uniquely-designed coffee kettle. This cookware may look funny to you, but it’s a powerful addition to a coffeeholic’s gear arsenal. 

It enhances the taste.

Since the coffee kettle gives you a high level of control, you can take advantage of it to achieve better consistency. This way, your coffee will taste much better. The fact that these kettles allow you to pour the water evenly is a big advantage itself.  The kettle encourages a well-balanced taste.  

The grounds result in the same amount of flavor; it reduces the bitterness and sourness. It prevents coffee grounds from being under or over-extracted. Also, the total brewing time is in your hands. You can pour slowly or quickly according to your taste. Use a gooseneck kettle, and you’ll see what’s all the hype about. 

You Will Have Better Control

The weird shape of the gooseneck’s spout may look tricky to use, but it’s the opposite. Though you may require a bit of practice, nothing can stop you from brewing a great cup once you get the hang of it. The long neck of the kettle is designed to deliver better control over the pour’s strength and speed. 

This feature is what sets the gooseneck kettle apart from the regular kettles. Pouring water from a regular kettle is equal to chaos. The control is lacking in the standard water kettle. With a gooseneck kettle, you can pour evenly, slowly, and exactly where you want. 

A Gooseneck Kettle Is Equal To Better Consistency

The additional controls result in a significant boost in brewing consistency. With a regular kettle, the amount of water you pour will never be the same. Similarly, the pouring speed and balance is a big miss with standard kettles. The resulting coffee is not consistent and ill-balanced. 

On the flip side, you can pour the exact amount of water with a gooseneck water kettle. The speed will be under your control. The best part is, you can achieve an exceptional balance with these kettles. You are going to get the same taste each day. Your coffee will be consistent, delicious, and aromatic. 

Seamless Extraction 

The extraction can bring a remarkable difference in your coffee. When preparing pour-over coffee, you don’t want to dump the whole water on a single spot unevenly. With gooseneck kettles, you can strategically pour the water all around the coffee grounds. 

You’ll be able to make a more precise extraction with the help of coffee grounds. Extraction is one of the reasons why you should buy a gooseneck kettle for your kitchen. 

The Top 9 Favorite Gooseneck Kettles Of 2020

There are a countless number of gooseneck water kettles out in the market. It’s difficult to choose a perfect kettle that does not only fall under your budget but also serves the purpose. To assist you in buying a gooseneck electric kettle, we went through some of the market’s top-rated products. Here’s what we found. 

The Coffee Gator Pour-Over Kettle – Best Overall Gooseneck Kettle

The design and structure of this gooseneck kettle may look oversimplified and minimalistic at first. As they say, the look is not everything; the same applies to this Coffee Gator Pour-over Kettle. This is amongst the best gooseneck water kettles of 2020. Mainly, this kettle is one of the most durable and useful items on this list.

The brushed-metal structure and stainless-steel body add a sense of sophistication to this appliance. If you are not willing to spend top-dollar to buy the best gooseneck kettles, this is your best shot. The kettle is economical and has some of the best features in the market.

What’s more, this coffee kettle is compatible with both induction and stovetops. You can even use it on a camping stovetop. A gooseneck kettle with so many features and so less price, jackpot, isn’t it? The in-build thermometer is another unique selling point of this kettle. 

What about the quality of pour? The Coffee Gator is extremely efficient in pouring the water precisely. The kettle doesn’t have any random spurts or dribbling. The tapered tip makes sure that your countertops are not left with coffee stains. With this, we can say that Coffee Gator is the ultimate choice for pour-over brewing. 

  • It can be operated over a variety of stovetops. 
  • This kettle is destined to offer precision.
  • The kettle has a durable and quality construction.  
  • The maximum capacity is too low. 

Bonavita Variable Temperature Electric Gooseneck Kettle 

Are you looking for the best electric kettle for pour-over coffee? Look no further, because we have it for you.  The Bonavita Variable Temperature Gooseneck Kettle has a 1000W fast heating function. This feature lets you the desired water temperature for a perfect cup of coffee. 

Though this kettle does not have much to offer in terms of design, it can do a better job than standard kettles. The plastic handle has BPA-free plastic construction, which is great. The variable temperature settings give this product an edge over its competitors. 

You can go from a temperature between 140-degree Fahrenheit to 212-degree Fahrenheit. The display of the Bonita Gooseneck Kettle deserves a special mention. It certainly makes brewing easier. The 360-degree swivel will instantly catch your attention. 

Lastly, talking about the pour – does it splutter, or is there consistency? The Bonita gooseneck electric kettle gives a great degree of control to the user. The pour has a satisfactory consistency and good even with shaky hands. We noticed that it might have a few minor dribbling issues. 

  • The temperature control feature is useful.
  • The flow control feature is extremely reliable. 
  • It holds the temperature for a long time. 
  • The display panel is unique. 
  • The finish and fit are disappointing. 
  • It is expensive. 

Brewista Smart Pour Variable Temperature Kettle

Who knew that electric pour-over kettles could look so stunning? This Brewista Smart Pour Variable Temperature Kettle is the best in design, structure, and style. You can even opt for an artisan design, which is equally beautiful. The kettle is also offering 1-degree accuracy. 

It has an in-built count-up and count-down feature that enhances the safety levels. This electric kettle has automatic power programming. The gooseneck water kettle will turn off itself after 60 minutes. The LCD panel makes the temperature control a breeze. The pour works as you would expect. 

The fact that this kettle has variable temperature control adds to the list of reasons why you should be buying the kettle. The keep-warm function will hold warmth for up to an hour. All in all, you can rely on stainless steel to withstand basic damages. 

The three different spouts and sizes have something for home users to competitive baristas to roasters. Not to forget, the kettle base does not interrupt while you’re picking or keeping the kettle. 

  • The auto-start feature is unique.
  • There are six preset temperatures for brewing. 
  • The design and color are appreciable. 
  • It is available in three different designs. 
  • It falls on the expensive side. 
  • The kettle paint chips off quickly. 

Fellow Stagg EKG Electric Pour-Over Kettle

The Fellow Stagg EKG Electric Pour-over Kettle is a true example of craftsmanship. The matte-black and modern finish are some of the strongest points of this gooseneck water kettle. Though this kettle is expensive, you can’t deny it’s great features. If you’re a kitchen fashionista, then this gooseneck kettle is a must-have. 

The in-build variable temperature controls will have you swaying away. Their extraordinary and professional features will appeal to home baristas too. You can set the temperatures between 135-degree to 212-degrees Fahrenheit. The EKG can hold your water temperature for up to 60 minutes. 

It is great for people who drink lots of coffee throughout the morning hour. The display also showcases the current temperature as well as the goal temperatures. The brew stopwatch is another great feature that adds utility to the kettle. 

Honestly, it was difficult to keep track of so many fantastic features. If your budget allows, then you should consider this gooseneck kettle. No wonder the Fellow Gooseneck kettle is among the list of best gooseneck kettle. 

  • It has a long-lasting construction. 
  • The counter-weighted handle offers convenient pouring. 
  • The style and design are edgy. 
  • The fluted tip ensures splurt-free pouring. 
  • This is the most pricey kettle on the list. 
  • The heating capacity is unsatisfactory. 

Kalita 52073 Wave Stainless Steel Drip Kettle

The Kalita Stainless Steel Drip kettle deserve brownie points for their ergonomic and stunning design. The stout neck in Kalita makes a stronger flow rate. The Kalita is not very efficient when it comes to slow pours, though this is not impossible. You have to train your hands for slower pours with the Kalita 52073.

The graceful and classic wooden handle makes it an ideal piece for contemporary style kitchens. Kalita’s products are known for their high-quality, and this item is not an exception. It is accented by complicated trimmings, which results in a good flow. 

We are assuming that the quality and style are the reason behind the hefty price tag. The neck of this kettle is stouter than most of its rivals. This implies that Kalita 52073 can maintain a strong flowing rate. 

There’s one thing that you would like to improve in the Kalita kettle – that’s the spurting. Also, the wooden handles get very hot, very quickly. Nevertheless, the construction of the kettle is much sturdier and durable than other kettles. 

  • The wooden handles are stylish and easy to hold.
  • This kettle facilitates a consistent flow.
  • The capacity is satisfactory. 
  • It is dishwasher-friendly. 
  • It is the most expensive stovetop kettle. 
  • The wooden handles get too hot to hold. 

Ovalware RJ3 Stainless Steel Drip Kettle

The Ovalware RJ3 Stainless Steel Drip kettle has all the bells and whistles missing in most kettles. This is yet another fantastic product on this list. We can’t imagine making a list of the best gooseneck kettles and not having the Ovalware RJ3 in it. This kettle is a great choice for buyers who are looking for a cost-effective option. 

The Ovalware is a relatively new product as compared to other products on this list. The degree of control over the flow is remarkable. The best part is that Ovalware RJ3 can prepare several beverages.  Unlike most of the coffee kettles, this kettle is surprisingly easy to clean. The bottom dries out pretty quickly. 


We also would like to highlight that Ovalware customer care has a prompt response. This makes it easy to put your faith in the brand and its product. The handles are resistant to heat and fiber-reinforced. Though this product claims to work great on all heating tops, its efficiency on the induction base is doubtful.

  • It is a perfect option for budget buys. 
  • The flow has better consistency than most products. 
  • It also comes with a mold-free guarantee.
  • The handle has an ergonomic structure. 
  • There are no other sizing options. 
  • It doesn’t work great on induction. 

Willow & Everett Electric Kettle 

Willow & Everett has bought one of the most inexpensive electric kettles on the market, and that’s something great. It a minimalistic electric kettle that heats the water quickly and turns off automatically. The 1000W heating capacity is the real secret behind the quick heating. We would’ve like to see the temperature control settings that are missing in this kettle. 

The handles of the kettle are have been placed at the correct angle to offer ergonomic support. The mirror-finish stainless steel contributes well to the overall look. We would light to highlight the spill-proof lid that is one of the major pros of this kettle. 

The water doesn’t come out gushing if you are pouring too quickly. Though it lacks temperature control, you can’t have complaints considering the price and the rest of the features. This is one reason why the Willow & Everett kettle comes in our list of best gooseneck kettle list. 

  • The spout makes a smooth and consistent flow.
  • The 1-liter capacity is sufficient on most days. 
  • It is one of the most inexpensive electric kettles. 
  • The lid of the kettle is airtight. 
  • The electric kettle lacks temperature control. 
  • The durability of this kettle is doubtful. 

Hario Buono V60 Drip Kettle

There is a high chance of spotting the Hario Buono V60 Drip Kettle in your neighborhood barista or cafe. The Hario gooseneck kettle is one of the most preferred pieces of cookware by professional baristas and coffee enthusiasts. Despite enjoying a loyal user base, this kettle does not feature some of the essential features. 

Most users will be a tad disappointed with the pouring flow of this kettle. It is difficult to find the exact angle to get a steady, slow pour. It requires practice and patience to deal with this kettle. We like how the Buono is offering a great capacity. 

It is perfect for someone who brews their coffee in large batches. The beehive design of this kettle is compatible with almost all of Hario’s coffee products. It is an ideal choice for fashion-conscious as well as budget buyers. 

  • The kettle has a capacity of 1.2 liters. 
  • The price is quite reasonable and affordable. 
  • It is available in various sizes.
  • The handle is easy to hold. 
  • The metal body is unable to retain the heat. 
  • The kettle is compatible with only a single heat source. 

Bean Envy Gooseneck Pour-Over Kettle 

If you are running on a tight budget but not willing to compromise on the features, then this is your best bet. This modestly-priced kettle has almost all the features of a premium non-electric kettle. The handle will not heat up, which is safe for holding the kettle. The wide lid allows easy cleaning. 

The product even features a thermometer on the top of the cap. The Bean Envy Gooseneck Pour-Over Kettle has earned its place on the best gooseneck kettle list due to its great features. The 40-ounce water holding capacity is amongst the best perks of this kettle. 

This simplistic-looking kettle is giving premium electric kettles a run for their money. Though it does not offer the same versatility and flexibility of costly electric kettles, the features are unbeatable. For staunch perfectionists, the clean flow rate is something that you are going to appreciate. 

The triple bottom design and high-quality stainless steel assure the durability of the kettle. This kettle features a BPA-free plastic handle that has an easy and comfortable grab. However, the handle may lose its place after repetitive usage. You can brew your coffee without any worries as the manufacturer offers a lifetime warranty on this product. 

  • The temperature gauge is helpful.
  • It offers value for money. 
  • The capacity is quite large. 
  • The triple-layered stainless steel enhances durability. 
  • You may suffer from occasional leakages from the base. 
  • The handle tends to loosen after prolonged usage. 

The Final Verdict – Which Is The Best Gooseneck Kettle? 

Hopefully, this article has cleared all your doubts regarding a gooseneck kettle for pour-over brewing. Now you will not have difficulties while preparing the complex coffee recipe – all thanks to gooseneck kettles. You might go through some difficulties at first, but you’ll come over it. 

Whether you are looking to buy a gooseneck kettle for professional or household use, this list has it all.  Though all the kettles are great, we say The Coffee Gator Pour-Over Kettle – Best Overall Gooseneck Kettle to be the best out the lot. There’s so much that this gooseneck kettle can offer. 

Coffee-making isn’t exactly easy for everyone, but that’s where the Coffee Gator exactly stands. It is a perfect combination of quality and price. This kettle seems to take notes from the flaws of other kettles and ditch them in their kettle.  

If you are looking to make your mornings brighter with coffee, don’t forget to buy a gooseneck water kettle. These kettles are a great appliance that deserves a place in every coffee lover’s kitchen.  

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