How Many Calories Are in Cold Brew Coffee?

How Many Calories Are in Cold Brew Coffee

Cold brew is obtained by steeping ground beans in cool water for hours. The result is a less bitter and acidic beverage than conventional coffee, with a nuttier and sweeter flavor.  If you are concerned about your weight loss journey and how your love for coffee may jeopardize it, you shouldn’t be worrying too much. … Read more

What is Dutch Coffee? 4 Things You Should Know

What is Dutch Coffee

Dutch Coffee is a brewing method where the drink is made by letting ice-cold water drip over freshly grounded coffee. It is one of the finest brews that coffee lovers can try, and it is usually made with a proper Dutch Coffee maker. This is one of the best ways to enjoy your caffeinated drink, … Read more

Cold Brew & Almond Milk: Friends Or Foes?


There is any number of ways to prepare your coffee and any number of types of milk you can pair with it–more than ever before, in fact. Besides catering to the vegan and lactose intolerant communities, plant-based milk is fast gaining traction in the mainstream. While some purists might be skeptical of substituting non-traditional types … Read more